Tuesday, November 30, 2004

got this email today....

1. Humor occasionally has its limits, and that's why this week I've written a different kind of column called, "I Support the Troops." Like many Americans, I've been strongly opposed to the war in Iraq since the early rumblings in the fall of 2002. Patriotic Americans can and will continue to disagree about the wisdom of both the invasion and our current policy; I hope that by sharing my honest and passionate viewpoint I can contribute to that discussion. Please share your thoughts with me after reading the column here:http://www.january2009.com/readings/shein-support.asp

sooooo, here's my response:

Mr. Shein, Being the spouse of one of our troops I though I'd let you know what I though about your column, since you asked. I totally dissagree with the notion that one can "support the troops" by asking them not to do their job. I understand not agreeing with the war, I don't agree with you, but probably neither one of us will change our minds. Most of the soldiers i've been in contact with would dissagree with you also, mainly on the grounds that some of them have given their lives and to give up now would make their deaths meaningless. I know that's how my husband felt after we pulled out of Somalia, if it wasn't worth dying for, the U.S. shouldn't have gone there in the first place. and where was your outrage when Clinton did this? or went into Kosovo and Bosnia? There was a lot of "collateral damage" then as well.


sooooo, usually this guy is pretty entertaining, he ran a get out the vote campaign that was really pretty non-partisan. I could ramble on a lot about how I feel about "supporting our troops" while not liking what they are doing. my other big peeve about it is, what does that make out troops? huh? bunch of dupes? too stupid to think for themselves? yeah, they're under orders, but PLEASE! why join the military if you aren't planning on having to put your training to use? and there's more to it than "I would like to kill people!" maybe there are a few soldiers who think that way, and I really can't speak for all military people but I know for RTO, it's a matter of wanting to protect people he cares about and making things better for others.