Saturday, June 04, 2005

best. audition. ever.

for me anyway, which ain't sayin a whole lot. i've just been wanting to use that phrase. there now it's out of my system.

actually i did feel pretty good about it. was feeling kinda funny, getting shaky from hunger, didn't really warm up or anything. but felt really comfortable for the most part. had some weird breath thing going at first (audibly inhaling, it's kinda a no-no, bad technique) then settled.

i try not to get too worked up about these things before hand, and i generally don't talk about it either, but this time was different since pretty much all the chorus girls were auditioning as well. let's just say there was a lot of guessing about expectations going on. i keep these kinds of things to myself (or write about them here, we're talking role/voice types mainly) so i just listen to them gab. i did however chat with one girl that i know from the symphony chorus. SHE got an assigned time! told her i wasn't sure how to feel about that. ;D i was just told to sing after rehearsal with the rest of the chorus people. but i also told her i figured it was just a chance to sing something different in front of people. yipee!!! pretty low key, i didn't dress up or fix my makeup after rehearsal. just waited for my turn while reading about woodrow wilson.

can i just say it's been a long time since i read something edifying? i can't really say non-fiction cause i read stuff, but usually it's political and it makes me angry. other than that it's been comics, which are great in their own way, or singing related things that just depress me. last week i read about darwin's earthworm experiments and it was so entertaining. made me want to tell people about earthworms! did you know that earthworms weren't considered as useful until darwin confirmed that they process and make good soil. or uh, what did they call it? uh, vegetative mold. nobody knew exactly how it came to be, but it was good for planting and growing things in. i didn't know that worms drag things (leaves) into their tunnels for food . darwin would set out items to see what they preferred, how they dragged them (stem or leaftip?, thin part first?) and he meticulously documented it all. just, wow. i never think of things being so involved.