Sunday, June 05, 2005

how does this carpal tunnel thing work?

arm's feeling good today. i overdid things last night, played the piano too long mostly. anyhoo, poor right arm, it's just too useful, maybe i should keep a little bucket to ice it down with next to the piano. that and my back, it's usually a contest to see which kills me first. rto says it's my posture, and he may have something there.

started to respond to this comment in the comments and then it became a novel, so i thought, um i'll expound on my response here instead. there's a difference between vocalizing and singing sometimes. the exercise my teacher has me do involves very, very lightly singing (think falsetto) an "oo" five note scale. i think generally most people can vocalize a few notes over what they can actually sing on a consistent basis. like i said i don't sing anything above a b currently. some days the c works, some days it don't. i think the highest i ever vocalized was an f above high c, but that was aaaaages ago.

and can i just say that topping out at b is kinda limiting, it's so annoying to think if i could just add two more notes i'd be set. but it hasn't happened for months. though i must say getting up to an e flat was encouraging. i may just practice some more. funny how that works.