Sunday, September 04, 2005

hot water....

rto: (in the shower) hey, have you been having a problem with hot water here?

MK: no

rto: see if you can get some from the sink

MK: um, you have the

rto: check the sink!

MK: no, you have the

rto: SINK!!!!

MK: i've been taking hot showers in there the last couple days. remember it's backwards..... you have the knob turned the wrong way.

rto: (turns knob) it's getting colder.


rto: colder

MK: there's hot water coming out of the sink, you getting warm yet?

rto: no




rto: huh, i don't remember it being backwards.

MK: yeah, you made fun of me for not figuring it out shortly after we moved here. it's payback time!