Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween! Posted by Hello

from RTO too! Posted by Hello

the glowing eyes in the back are maggie's. Carlos would be under the bed at the moment.

On the Calendar this week

rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. Little secret.... Wednesday's are usually open rehearsal.

RTO says I agree with him too much

or maybe that I don't disagree with him very often. I'll have to admit I thought surely this guy (OBL) was dead since we hadn't seen him in a while, oh well. but I do think RTO has a point. We aren't dealing with a James Bond villian, he's not going to tell us all about his plans to destroy the world then leave us to die/escape once he puts his doomsday device in motion.


Yesterday one of our neighbors caught us outside and invited to their house for a get-together last night. So now, we've finally met people that live on our street. They had some great decorations, the guy that lives next door to us made them, cut-outs of scary lookin' pumpkins and screaming flowers in neon colors that glowed in the black lights. (I should have brought the camera) He's a lighting tech and free-lance artist in real life. The couple hosting had some pretty cool costumes. She had a goblin mask and he was a half glowing skeleton/pirate. The guy that made the decorations was dressed as Michael Jackson and his date was dressed as a boyscout. ha ha. we didn't have costumes, but it was okay. anyway it was nice to finally meet the neighbors.

Here's Roxie, hangin' out in the backyard in her t-shirt. Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 30, 2004

I can't see clearly now

Here's another home project. this window is next to the front door. it was a clear window, which was annoying (no pretending like I wasn't home) now, now one can see in. yay! Posted by Hello

oh, in case you're wondering I did it with gallery glass paint and fake leading.

Saturday noon report

okay, I've already done more than I would on a normal day. or at least close to it and it's all puppy related. First off last night we noticed she's chewed a nice bald spot up on her side, so we went to the vet this morning. probably ringworm, which, we can deal with, her ears look much better now, they were pretty chewed up when we brought her home from the shelter. to keep her from further chewing or licking the spot clean of medicine she's now sporting a white t-shirt very cute, I'll post pictures later. In other puppy news, she apparently discovered the cat box this morning, grrrrrrr. caught her eating something, once she knew that I spotted her she quit and walked off, I followed and found her with her head in the catbox. and in final puppy news I'm down three pairs of underwear now found the remains of two pair in the living room the other night, and caught her with another last night. RTO's like, "don't leave them out!" never mind that it was him that did it!!! yeah, just throw clean laundry on the bed til we feel like folding it. rrraaaarrrrrr! not sure what victoria's secret makes their underthings out of, but it's tasty to dogs i guess. soooooo maybe there's a trip to the comic shop in store for this afternoon. it's been a couple weeks. also maybe a dining table hunt, silly me volunteering for Thanksgiving. oh well

Friday, October 29, 2004

cause what good if Friday without catblogging?

I give you... Carlos with a paper bag on his head. Posted by Hello

oh, he provided quite a bit of entertainment with this. he'd get it stuck on his head, back out of it, stick his head back in, fall over trying to get out of it. Finally he tore it to shreds.

filling up space

my poor page looks so empty, but I guess that's to be expected. so I'll ramble for a while here. Had a pretty good day, was actually awake from most of it, had a good voice lesson, felt a little more energetic than usual, probably since I was awake more than just an hour beforehand. Anyhoo, my teacher is kinda stressing about the election, it's funny, but who isn't? RTO and I won't be hosting an election night party this time around so maybe we won't jinx it. ha ha haaaaaaa. going back to the voice thing, I keep talking about giving a recital, it's going on almost two years now. (sigh) there never seems to be a good time. you'd think I could do it now that I'm not working. maybe that's something I can start on and start documenting here. yay! that's it. I'm thinking I should shoot for January, i'll be done with Christmas concerts, have some time off from the chorus. yeah, that's it. already sorta have songs pick out, i've just had trouble memorizing things,(oh i'm getting old) okay brain is shorting out..... when is RTO going to feed me!!!?????

Try this again...

Okay, This is something I like to do in my spare time. I made a few little florals, but since we moved into the house I'm not sure where to put them. Posted by Hello


I thought I'd give RTO a break, sometimes I think "that would make a fun post, but it's not appropriate, too girly for the Signaleer", so I've broken down and set this up. Who knows where this will go from here.