Sunday, August 18, 2013


so I went ahead and bumped The Happiness Project to the top of the pile. eh. I'm just not that motivated... although she mentions a few times that depression is a whole other thing from choosing to be happy so maybe that's my problem. 

Got cast in Daddy's Dying Who's Got the Will, and I'm trying to get enrolled in a couple acting/theater classes so reading will probably be curtailed for a while.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

dog days of summer...

really nothing going on lately except reading. and nothing has really stood out there lately.  Maybe The Fault In Our Stars.  it was good, made me cry.

anyhoo, been thinking about taking an acting class, but since the local conservatory kinda scares me with their intensity, I've been looking at community colleges.  none of them offer it as continuing ed. so i'd have to go through the whole admissions thing and then why not just get an associates degree? dunno, the academic adviser for theater is out till next Monday, so we'll see.  RTO thinks not but it's confusing since I have a BA in Music already.

plus, it would cut into my dog walking and reading time. well, once I start dog walking again, which will probably be another month or so. it's hot out there.

so that's what's going on.  oh, moved a few things from the secret office stash onto the nightstand, um. The Happiness Project, Unequal Childhoods, Skinwalkers, Big Trouble, The Tattooed Girl, and Summerland.