Friday, August 21, 2015

Has it really been a month?

I guess so.  I usually try to post when I finish a book, cause I come here to update my list, but I've skipped the last couple, I think.  Anyway, things are moving on both house fronts.  Don't want to get too optimistic, it could still all fall apart (it is Friday after all)  but if things go as planned we should be in our new house in about a month.

I start a new job Monday, was supposed to start this week, but when they did my background check it pulled a felony conviction for some other"maggie katzen".  She had a different middle initial and the arrest was before my name was even "katzen" but they had to wait to get it all sorted out. guess I will have to move my animal visiting to Saturday.

anyway, I'll be off now to see what book the trunk stash offers up.