Sunday, February 28, 2016

not to five yet

I've got four books on the reading list so far.  If things continue as they have at work I may get the fifth read this week.

A bit has happened with Albert since I last posted. He's been diagnosed with cancer and had his first chemo treatment.  We aren't looking for a cure, there isn't one for his kind of cancer, but hoping to give him a good life while it lasts. which is probably a few months.

Everyone else is doing well.  I've called a clinic about a therapist, but haven't heard back from them so I'll be calling back this week. maybe that isn't a good sign. but we had a hard time finding someone that would accept our insurance. maybe they're mostly like my Dallas therapist and they don't accept any insurance at all, but then they don't advertise much either.

RTO has gone to a Ted Cruz rally this afternoon, our primary is Tuesday. I checked online to find out where our polling place was and panicked a moment because it couldn't find my registration.  I just entered the wrong month, fixed it and found the polling place. Will be glad when the commercials move on to some other states.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

so about a month between posts. yay!

I've actually finished 2 books since last I posted, but with using the tablet, it's not very convenient to post.  Work is finally picking up for the new year. no more trying to stretch out what should take an hour into half the day.  haven't exercised much the last couple weeks. getting up early for it is kinda hard and I seem to need more sleep than I'm getting, which is kinda discouraging. 

Albert has not been doing well the last few weeks, we've tried giving him eye drops and antibiotics and steroids and his eye just keeps looking worse.  So we're getting referred to a specialist.  Hoping things will move tomorrow on that front cause he's getting really pathetic. He doesn't act like it bothers him really , but his sniffling is getting bad. Like, I don't know how he sleeps bad.

everyone else is fine, I suppose I may or may not be. a little disturbed that I cratered this week while RTO was gone and then it all came out at the psychiatrist's office.  so I'm going back in a month and I probably need to find a therapist. just don't see how that fits in with working and sleeping and eating.