Saturday, July 30, 2005

maggie dreams

evil sarahk has pulled this image from her head.

Friday, July 29, 2005

rto mclaughlin group commentary...

RTO: sharpest minds? sharpest heads maybe!

it's a two-fer bad art and kitty blogging. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

pre-emptive crashing...

so tomorrow's(friday) the big opening. blech. i just can't seem to get excited about this, hopefully it will be different by the evening. i think i'm just already depressing over it being over. i won't have anything to do next week. meh.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

i think what woke me up this morning...

was yelling at the radio. there's an area school district that has gone bankrupt and decided not to open this year. Dallas independent school district has decided to take in their students. anyway, they played a clip of some lady saying that "i don't think anyone should send their kids to the dallas schools, they aren't any better than ours" and i said out loud "except that they have money and will be open!!!!" gah! how stupid can you be?

bathroom debate....

RTO: i think tomorrow when i come home i'll put the toilet outside...

MK: what? in the front yard?

RTO: ha ha, no, just over on the side.

MK: um, why not just put it in the garage.

RTO: where?

MK: by the door

RTO: well, then it will just be in the way

MK: i just don't think outside is a good idea.

RTO: who's going to see it? nobody's going to see it!

MK: um, people in the alley. besides what if someone decides they really need a toilet.

RTO: well, they wouldn't want this one.




RTO: maybe i should plant a rose bush in it?

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Monday, July 25, 2005

recent back yard picture, just because. Posted by Picasa

and this is, we were heading out the door and the phone rang and how long is rto going to blab huh? huh?!!!! Posted by Picasa

oh, and i'd been reading and admiring a lot of sailor moon recently.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

i painted the window in the bathroom so we can keep it uncovered. it's nice to have light in there. Posted by Picasa

staying busy

we spent most of yesterday at the tlo place helping with set building. rto made a screen for the supertitles. yay! i painted various and sundry things. watched some movies once we got home. (Highlander and Von Ryan's express) today rto's family came out to visit (rto called matt to see if he'd come out and help put the bathroom mirror back up and matt said sure, once mom and dad leave, that's another post) and they brought homemade ice cream. mmmmmm. i dreamt of rehearsals last night. great.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

since the mirror is down i couldn't get a good shot of the wall. here's part of it. Posted by Picasa

la, la, laaaaa. just goofin off here. one colored pencil and listening to carmen. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

one week....

Elixer of Love opens next Friday.

could there be anything more pitiful looking? Posted by Picasa

i guess carlos has found where we keep the good water. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

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more weird dreams

rto asked why i don't tell him about my dreams anymore or just post them. well, there are a couple reasons. one, he used to tell me he thought he was really good at interpreting dreams, and most of his friends agreed, but the first few i told him about he'd just look at me and say "i don't know ,that's just weird." ;D second, he's not home right now, so here goes... got up early today, but conked out on the couch later. in my dream i was sleeping on the couch and heard something outside, i looked out the window and saw a koala bear and babies in a small tree just outside the window, it took a minute to register that this was not normal. i looked again, and sure enough there were koalas and roxie was trying to eat them. i grabbed my camera and got a few pictures then decided to chance going outside to get more. i got there just in time to watch the koala duck into a pipe going into the house.

so then there's this little girl by the tree and it now has little ornaments on it. edible ones in star and texas shapes(who knows?) but i'm thinking "how did she get in the back yard?" eh, she's tiny. then i see puppies coming from the side of the house, so i go around the corner and there's this lady. i ask why she's in my backyard and she tells me it's to get here puppies. well, 'how did you get back here, the gate is locked" she says yeah, she climbed over and then broke the lock. that made me mad, i explained that there's a lock on the gate so roxie won't get out, she can open the gate, but this lady was ignoring me, told me i was too uptight or somesuch and that she'd come visit her puppies whenever she liked. grrrrrr. i told her to take her puppies and get off my property. she blew me off, and i threatened to blog about any stupid stuff she did.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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i don't know what's going on, but the last couple days i have been dragging. i'm having really intense dreams (last night/this morning, i visited new york) and just don't feel rested when i get up. oh well, had to make a pot of coffee today. (i make a pot and since rto has decided to quit drinking the stuff at home it lasts me a while) forgot to put the lid on the pot (or caraffe if we have to be technical) it's stainless steel, so i was wondering what was up with the thing, it was making so much noise, thought maybe i should check to make sure cofffee wasn't just being dumped on the counter, but thought, no, that definitely sounds metallic. went to pour a cup and noticed top was missing. huh. found it by the sink.

anyhoo, i should work on some words today. we're supposed to run through elixer tonight, we ran the second act last night, it went okay, but there are still a couple spots where i just have no clue what the words are.

the bathroom is now primed. yay! i need to finish up the window in there(will post pics soon)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

did we need any more proof that kelo was a poor decision?

even tank mcnamara is commenting on it. Posted by Picasa

happy (belated) blogiversary rto!

just accidentally noticed that you're first post was the 18th last year. yay!

okay, now we're getting complicated. ;D Posted by Picasa

stalking rto

so last night i'm coming home and i see rto sitting at the light waiting to make a left turn out of our neighborhood. so i turned around and followed him. (i didn't make the light, but i saw him turn into the home despot, thought "it's ten after ten you goof, they won't be open" so i pulled into the parking lot, he was driving away from the building, we met at the corner, i thought surely he recognized me!? but apparently not, i started to turn to pull up next to him and he gave me a really nasty look and drove off. (about this time i also saw a little black cat come crawling out of a storm drain there, too cute!) so i kept following him, he didn't go home, he went to wal-mart, and he didn't seem to mind that i was following him so surely he'd figured it out now. no. i parked right across from him, but he didn't notice, he rushed into the store, i followed, yelled at him before he got in the door.... nothing. finally caught up with him in the paint aisle. yeah, way to be mindful of your surroundings turkey!

Monday, July 18, 2005

interesting site.


okay, but here's my complaint. most of the kitty furniture is made of cardboard! yeah, heavy duty cardboard, but CARDBOARD!!!! i'm not payin over 200 dollars for something my cats will eventually eat, no matter how cool it looks.

hw. may i just note that a dorm room isn't really the most ideal of places to have to come up still lifes. Posted by Picasa

i thought this only happened in funny movies....

Tecumseh Resident Remains Critical After Four Snake Bites

OKLAHOMA CITY(AP) _ A Tecumseh man remains hospitalized in critical condition after being bitten four times by two different snakes. James Cave's wife Gloria says Cave was working at a garage near his home Sunday when he felt a pain in his foot and reached down and was bitten in the hand and foot by a pygmy rattlesnake. Gloria Cave says Cave then fell backward over a barrel and onto a copperhead that bit him in the foot and groin. Cave's son and a neighbor drove him to a nearby hospital where he received antivenin and then was flown to an Oklahoma City hospital where he remains. Neil Garrison with the Martin Park Nature Center in Oklahoma City says it's unusual for someone to run into two poisonous snakes at once. And he says snakes usually don't strike unless provoked, stepped on or humans just get too close. Garrison says one tip is to never put your hands or feet into areas where you can't see.

Source: Associated Press

Sunday, July 17, 2005

bathroom update....

rto's been putting off painting, cause he wanted to take the mirror down and paint everything at the same time. anyhoo, matt came out today to help do that. now we just have to prep the walls and paint them. yeah, that's it.

i know, i know, exciting stuff. Posted by Picasa

lizard update for mom...

i think he's gone. rto bumped into the ladder the other night and maybe stepped on him?(he was right there) haven't seen him since. or someone ate him, i don't know.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


that sums things up of late. am i being particularly mean of late? or is rto just getting whiny? and why do i keep dreaming that there are people on the roof? or that people or things are coming after me. who will win the carlos/roxie competition for the people's affection? (seriously, it's like they're playing "who gets more attention?" whoever is being petted looks at the other like "see! it's me! they love me more!") will i ever get all the stupid words memorized? WHEN WILL I GET MY BATHROOM BACK!!!?????

"see, this is where the stinky dog sleeps, it's stinky, should i pee on it?huh mom? would that be okay?" Posted by Picasa

saturday rehearsals


actually, we got quite a bit done. it's just that my feets hurt.

Friday, July 15, 2005

carlos is so cool, so long as the puppy is outside. Posted by Picasa

speaking of which, i don't know what exactly was going on outside, but the animals were restless last night, they woke us up a couple of times. the puppy was wimpering and the kitties were growling, but not exactly at each other. we could here growling and barking outside, not like right outside the window, but not too far away. sometimes i think there really is some kind of dog network, like in 101 dalmatians, there have been a couple times that roxie starts barking for no apperant reason until i listen carefully and here some other dog barking in the distance.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

this is snoopy a few days ago, no stuffins left in his head. Posted by Picasa

it's easy to tell the homework from the class work, i didn't bother with backgrounds outside of class. Posted by Picasa

who's job is it?

MK: oh hey, there's a lizard carcas in the bathroom.

RTO: really? where?

MK: just in front of the door



RTO: just pick him up with a tissue and flush him.

MK: but i don't want to touch it!

RTO: you won't be touching it, the tissue is touching it.


lizard: x_x

MK: noooooooooo!

(yeah, he's still belly up in the bathroom)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ooooooooo, shapessss Posted by Picasa

weather report...

it just started pouring here. it's threatened to rain the last few afternoons, i let the puppy in, and then it never does anything, so today i think, "eh, the puppy can handle some sprinkles" but then the deluge began, and does she still sit by the door, take shelter in the dog house? no, she trots out to the middle of the yard and starts arranging her blanket to settle in. stupid puppy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

and now we hit some of my college drawing course work. Posted by Picasa

there's nothing quite like getting a wake up call about your credit card....

they called at eight thirty! who's awake then? or if they're awake who's home? ha ha. anyway, got an automated call telling me i was a payment behind. i had made a payment by phone last month at the last moment because i was having trouble with the online thing. anyhoo, looks like my info didn't get entered right (could be my fault) but they fixed everything when i talked to them this morning refunded fees and finance charges. yay! thanks citi!

(on a bank side note, i've had a couple visits from chase to my site over the last few days, probably the ones googling "i hate chase" yes, yes i do, and don't mind letting people know)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Adopt an Artist!

i was trying to see if The Living Opera had anything up about new fundraising goals. particularly they have been talking about getting 1000 people to pledge 10 dollars a month. ( i always feel bad about when they're all like, this will be so easy if you tell everyone you know! um, yeah, that makes me and rto, i don't get out much.)

instead i found this. It's soooooo cute! you go now and adopt an artist!!!!! course you'll also need to buy tickets for Elixer if you haven't done that yet. it's crackin' me up, but i promise i'll behave during performances.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

so we don't have enough of a majority....

i like jeff's breakdown of the numbers here. course i may be a bit biased.

this was marriage of figaro. my friend got the rubber chicken. :( Posted by Picasa

another class project. Posted by Picasa