Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

i found these last year. i wondered if i bought the right size cause they're kinda short, but decided they're supposed to be. Posted by Picasa

i'll be wearin' the kitty ears again this year. but probably not the extra makeup. it's yucky here today. dark and rainy.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

more wonders of technology.....

MK: there, now the alarm clock is set

RTO: cool, so it's two something now?

MK: uh, no, four.

RTO: no, no, you set the clock back not forward.

MK: yeah

RTO: the vcr clock said it was three something

MK: vcr clock reset itself at two.


MK: you didn't notice that it was suddenly one o'clock again during Dial M for Murder?

RTO: no, i was watching the movie, not the clock.

MK: oh well.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

maggie's rules o' remote controls (or electronics in general for that matter)

MK: *pushing the button to turn on the receiver*


MK: *still pushing button*

RTO: is there a problem?

MK: yeah, fine, you push the button, it will probably work for you.

RTO: *takes remote, turns on receiver*

MK: yeah, i think it knew you were here and decided not to work.


MK: it's like it can detect testosterone.




MK: you know it was like "I detect someone in the room has more testosterone than you, please pass me to them so that i may operate "

RTO: riiiiiiiiight

yeah, i'm a sucker for cheese. i blame rto. Posted by Picasa

a whole year and not much to show for it.....

know what else? today's my "blogiversary". wheeeeeee! indeed.

okay, okay, here's a not drunk looking picture of roxie. the toy next to her lasted all of a week, if that. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

fun times.....

so i went into full panic mode last night. it's not exactly uncalled for, just wish i'd said something sooner. anyhoo, cuttin' back on the expenses. ideally, i would start working full time, but, uh, the thought of that makes me cry. (literally) i'm torn. rto asked if i've felt better off medication and i have, but i also think it's probably just a matter being able to avoid everything. but i wasn't doing so great on medication either. i know i've said it before, but after my last job experience i really don't think i can rejoin the "normal job" workforce, medication or no. i think that's most annoying, knowing i should contribute and not, because my brain is defective and nothing seems to help. i can do all kinds of things that don't bring much income if any. grrrrrr. so for the time being we're hanging onto the internet connection. i'm kind of excited/anxious about cutting the tv. maybe i'll finally get caught up on all the periodicals here. yeah right.

maggie wants some lap time. Posted by Picasa

carnival of the cats is up at Watermark this week.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


so, i told myself i was going to try and conform to rto hours once he got back from NO, but i haven't been very successful. any ideas? this wasn't a problem before, but i don't know what's different now. maybe it's related to it being "that time o' the year". on the other hand it's different than usual. i mean i've got about the same motivation level as usual, but the crying? not so much. i just don't care. yay! i drag myself to rehearsals, and somehow they turn out not as bad as i fear they might. (i've got a lot more memorized than i thought i would considering i don't really look at it outside of rehearsal time) sometimes i think i'll go play the piano for a while then i get there and just stare at it cause nothing feels right for the mood i'm in. (and the piano is scary out of tune) keep thinking i'll start painting or drawing again but what? bored, bored, bored. eh, i wouldn't really call it boredom, there's plenty to do, just nothing sounds good.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

rto accuses me of always getting pictures of the dog looking drunk. what can i say? she makes it easy. ;D Posted by Picasa

oh yeah, you were hit by a hurricane.

mom called this afternoon to let me know they're doing okay. still no power at their house and no cell phone. (she was calling from dad's office) power co. says they expect to be up to 95% by Nov. 15. i get the impression that mom thinks they'll be one of the last to have power restored. yay!

i feel kinda bad for forgetting, i told her it really hasn't been in the news here. only one story in the DMN today on page 13. yeah, that's it. i told her there just aren't enough poor black people trapped in a stadium with no food or water and resorting to cannibalism where she lives.

okay, i stand corrected, channel 5 news just ran a blurb about an upcoming story on florida. people are running out of water. WHO'S TO BLAME!!!!????? yeah, they really asked that. i can't wait to find out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

no,no, the beer song comes later.....

maybe it's just cause it's late, but this made me laugh.

via Blackfive (you happy now shell?) ;p

strange happenings....

so the other night i'm driving home from rehearsal and thinking about this pile of books in the office. they're up for sale on (it's all manga) been there for a while, maybe i should just try to auction them off as a lot on ebay. check the email once i'm home and i sold one. what are the odds?

Monday, October 24, 2005

fun with color blindness.....

RTO: why did maggie get the cammo pattern collar?

MK: uh, cause it's pink.

RTO: it is?

MK: hee hee.

Friday, October 21, 2005

this was maggie last week. real happy looking. Posted by Picasa

carnival of the cats is up at mind of mog this week.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

public service announcment

if you're out and about and feel the need to accost a military veteran. don't. unless you like having your @$$ handed to you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

maggie crash

what can i say? it's that time of year, it didn't hit me until last week. most annoying, i know it's coming, but can't seem to do much about it. just sleep a lot. though, maybe it is allergy related. i've been a little stuffier than usual. just broke down and took some nose spray. we'll see if that helps.

we watched DareDevil last night. ugh. it's like they didn't even try with some of the special effects. rto suggested william shatner would have been more interesting than ben affleck. sure. sure. though we still had some good chuckles. next up, a couple of ahnold movies. wheeeee!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

opossum research....

discouraging opossum.

possum lodge, on a side note, go here to find out which scribal terroriste is red green.

maybe he's on a diplomatic mission from here.

dad always told us he wanted to open a restaurant called Possum Palace. surprisingly i can't find one with a website. there is a possum fest of sorts in wassau florida, which claims to have a possum palace.

why possum's tail is bare.

and of course, playing possum, pictures!


more opossum facts from possum rescue.

sign language for opossum.

possum band


and finally don't forget "The Possum"

poor puppy....

RTO: well, she's definitly not one of the great trackers....


RTO: the opposum was gone so i let her back outside and she just ran around the yard looking for it.


RTO: then she finally went back to where it was last and started sniffing it's trail.


RTO: looks like it must have gone over the fence.

MK: *snore*

opossum tuesday.....

MK: (feeling cold wet nose on knee) why is the puppy .......?

RTO: she killed the oppossum, just dashed out the door and grabbed it.




RTO: oh, uh, i better find something to move it with.


RTO: well, roxie didn't kill it, it was, uh, playing possum. heh.


RTO: it's probably eating more food than the puppy.


RTO: maybe i should call animal control.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

and with what's left over maybe i can buy some xxxl sized pants.....

rto came home with a bag o' chocolate the other day. apparently he'd been given some gift cards while he was in NO. so sweet that he would buy me chocolate. i think cause i've mentioned self medicating with it. oh well, guess i'll have to exercise this week.

says you!


RTO: toast is overrated.

MK: uh, no. now hop to it!

lemmings have been talking about comfort food, someone mentioned cinnamon toast. which reminded me i'd bought some pepperidge farms cinnamon swirl bread. mmmmmmmm.

Friday, October 14, 2005

so now carlos likes to hang out under the entertainment center. Posted by Picasa

i think maybe because the puppy can't get under there, or he likes to think he's living in a cave and reading the vfw magazine that's down there.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

kitty cone memories....

so we've had to put the cone or "e collar"(as the vet likes to call it) on maggie to keep her from rubbing her eye after we put the goop in it. last night she layed down next to me when i went to bed. it reminded me of Bosco, not that he ever slept near me on a regular basis mind you, but i remember this one time... i think it was after his tail was removed (that's a story for some other time), he was wearing a cone, it was his first night home, he decided to sleep on my chest, we were chin to chin. only time he ever did that. so then i thought, i know i blogged about his passing on signaleer, has it been a year? seems it has been.

and good morning to you too!

just went to get some coffee, go to the cabinet to get a cup and there's the neighbor cat staring back at me from the window that's right under the cabinet. didn't expect to see something spying on me. but he didn't stay there so i couldn't get a picture.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

because i have no life.

i just haven't had much to write about lately. anyhoo, this post at conservative cat made me chuckle this morning. i particularly like all the trackback names. my kitties don't have a thing for cheese as far as i know. Bosco did, you couldn't eat a slice of american without sharing.

and to update from yesterday. got some goop for maggie's eye. not sure what caused it, but it wasn't anything serious. no ulcer. yeah, the fun part is trying to get this stuff on her eye. i only have two hands with which to hold her, hold her eye open and squeeze the little tube of goo. good times.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

going to the vet today....

yipee! maggie's right eye is oozing. she seems fine otherwise. (won't let me type this uninterupted) just makes my eyes water looking at her. i don't know, i'm having trouble breathing today. maybe because the weather is changing. hopefully some coffee will help.

Monday, October 10, 2005


so just going through the usual "rto's back and messing with my routine and i'm getting really annoyed" friday we had some shouting matches about messing with my internet connection. it got reallllly slow. rto being on it was the only thing different so of course it was his fault. he didn't agree.

MK: what did you do to my internet?

RTO: nothing, what's wrong?

MK: it's really slow.

RTO: oh, here let me try something.



MK: what did you do?

RTO: oh, i just put the router back the way it was.


RTO: i "changed the channel" on it. some work better than others.

MK: uh huh, and yet you just said that you hadn't done anything.

so this was followed by messing with my laptop and deciding that it had some problems. which rto fixed, or so he said. the anti virus software has quit working and quickbooks won't open. so rto fiddles with it some more and says it's got all kinds of crap on it and we'll just have to re-install everything. *sigh* so yesterday i moved pictures and stuff onto the desktop and let rto do his thing. seems to be working now, will take some time to get the settings back how i like them, and find some of my bookmarks.

so am i smoking crack for thinking that his downloading tv shows and movies slows down the dsl connection?

Friday, October 07, 2005

seems that maggie likes my shoes. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005


rto just called and he's on his way home. though, i won't see him till after rehearsal.

since some have asked.....

Dates for Cinderella:

Performances: November 25, 26, December 2, 3, 9, 10, 2005
Matinee Performance: November 27, December 4, 11, 2005

Family Musical, Suitable for All Ages.

The timeless enchantment of a magical fairy tale is reborn with the Rodgers & Hammerstein hallmarks of originality, charm and elegance. Originally presented on television in 1957 starring Julie Andrews, Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella was the most widely viewed program in the history of the medium. As adapted for the stage, Cinderella's unfair treatment by stepmother and stepsisters, and her mystical godmother's gift of an enchanted evening; and, of course, the Prince and the royal ball remind everyone that dreams do come true. With great warmth and more than a touch of hilarity, hearts of children and adults alike still soar when the slipper fits.

more info, including tickets can be found at the link.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

and, oh yeah....

survey says? Portia!

and some kind of squirelly chorus bit. maybe. hopefully i'll get something a bit more solid in the following days.

normally i would avoide large events like this....

but 5 hours of armadillo racing!? well, i've still got a couple days to decide. i'm thinking i might stop by there tomorrow(wednesday, it's not the next day till i go to sleep, or it's 7 a.m. whichever comes first). the dillards and foley's are supposed to be opening. reports on the news say they were open briefly today. anyhoo, maybe i'll take the camera to get pictures of this place. from the news reports it's interesting.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

at least it wasn't because he lives in a trailer with 499 other people....

yesterday in a review of Nash #1 Dave of Dave's Longbox rambled about what the potential audience was for the comic.

Who is the target audience for this book? You gotta know that even in 1999 there were only so many Nash fans in the world. And of that group, not all of them read comics – or even read, really. I figure there are like, 2,500 people world wide who eagerly awaited the publication of Nash #1. And that’s being generous. Out of those 2,500, I’d say about 500 are probably related, or at least live in the same trailer, so they’re sharing an issue. Probably 500 potential readers are female fans who can’t get enough of Big Sexy and are drawn by the photo cover – but the interior art only superficially looks like Nash, so only half of those women actually buy the book. I’m guessing 100 potential buyers opened the first page, saw all the intimidating text, and put it down. 100 more underage buyers were “cock blocked” by their parents, who flipped through the comic, saw the sex scene, and made their kid buy Youngblood instead. That leaves only about 1,800 people who actually bought this comic – and of those purchases, 500 were gag gifts and 100 were from confused stoners who thought the book was called Hash. All in all, the numbers don’t look good for Nash.

so the obvious question is why did Dave buy it? Dave responded:

I'm going to go with the lame but time-honored excuse: "It was in a four-for-a-dollar box." No, seriously. You know what? That's this week's new theme - "It Came From The Quarter Box." Thanks Maggie! :)

glad I could help! or not, cause this weeks comics are gonna be bad, or maybe so bad they're good. we'll see.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

i just knew our vet was cool....

even if she is an aggie.(oklahoma state, that is) there was an article in the paper about their trip to NO to rescue animals. they also have pictures posted here.

audition update time.....

had been putting off writing about this weekend's activities. i've done a couple auditions this weekend. one yesterday for Rockwall Community Playhouse's production of Cinderella. and one for a new local opera company (yeah, another one, can you beleive it?)

anyhoo, the cinderella audition was interesting as i hadn't done anything like that for a while. got to sit and listen to everyone sing and then had some readings and finally dancing. ho ho. i so cannot dance. actually, i think i did okay on the waltzing part(it's just walking backwards in time). it was the step-ball-change, step-ball-change, turning and crossing and then do it all over again that got me. i'd blame my shoes, but we all know better. (for the record, the shoes only look like character shoes but they have treads on the soles, so they weren't so conducive to spinning on carpet.) (just got called, yay! i'll be one of the stepsisters, which one tbd) so backing up, i was explaining to rto the other night why i was shooting for a step sister. 1) i'm too old for cindy, and 2) even though i've done the fairy godmother before, that was in high school, and they'd probably want someone older than me for that. so who's left? not only that, but man, i'm still inspired by suzanna oakley's performance of portia back then. she was hilarious. i hope i can be even half as funny as whoever i end up as.

moving on, today was the opera audition. i'm not sure what to make of it. wasn't the best performance i've ever done, but also wasn't the best place i've ever auditioned in either. got me to thinking about practicing. you know? it's hard to get up the energy to prepare for all of like two minutes of performance. i know that's so not the attitude to have about it, but that's how i'm thinking. cost/benefit, and not a very reasonable one at that, i mean, yeah, if i'd practiced more i'd be in better shape and more likely to get cast which would lead to more performance time which would help me get more motivated to practice. *sigh*

anyhoo, sounds like i'll be busy for the next month at least.

and rto would tell you

that this kind of humor is right up my alley.