Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i know, i know, it's been a few days....

not much going on here, visiting people, fixing some things at home, blah, blah, blah. anyhoo, forgot i'd found a blog a few months ago of a reporter that's embedded with some of the people rto is deploying with, you can find it here. there's lots of coverage of their training at camp shelby.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Look at that gut!

fat carlos Posted by Picasa

Lola was telling me last night that Eddie(!!!!) is getting a bit portly, must be a family thing.

hey, there's someone to talk to here!!!!

*watching x-men 2*

MK: ugh, someone could just come in here and beat me over the head with a club and save some time.

RTO: *chuckle*

to explain a bit, i liked it, but some foreshadowing was kinda heavy handed. like the little phoenix shaped light on the lake.

anyhoo, i'd mentioned going to see 3 tomorrow, and was gonna look up times online, but they were still listing today's times. so we wound up going to a 12:01 show. w007! I had to get out of my jammies and back into normal clothes, that's how cool i am since rto's home. ;D the place was packed, but everyone was fairly well behaved. since we made the decision to go with only 15 minutes to spare we wound up sitting in the second row. oh well. now who knows what we'll do tomorrow.

oh yeah, another fave:

RTO: I swear, Jean Grey has died and come back more times than Hope Brady.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

roxie, cold blooded killah....

so i let the puppy out earlier and i'm sitting on the couch and i notice the birds are makin' a LOT of noise outside, wonder if they're beatin' up my puppy. turn around to look out the back door and there's roxie, bird in her mouth, prancing around the yard. rto says she's killed others cause he's mowed over them. uh, okay. the kitties best watch out.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

kitties..... still hate the puppy.

so last night me and maggie are sittin' on the couch and roxie comes by. maggie starts waving her paw at roxie, no claws, no growling, just kinda waving her paw in roxie's general direction. I'm thinking "is she trying to pet roxie?" roxie is completely oblivious, then it happens, she gets close enough and maggie throws a fit starts hissing and swatting. *sigh* someday maybe they'll get along.

Monday, May 22, 2006

rto made me do this.....

although he won't post his results.

Which MegaTokyo Character are you?

slug war update....

so last night as I let the puppy out, i noticed a slug making a beeline for the back door. I DON'T THINK SOOOOO!!!!! i (a)salted him and watched him writhe in pain as he disolved. I spotted two more on the patio, but left them alone. later i saw that another slug had gotten too close to the one i killed and had become a puddle of slime as well. BWAH HA HA HAAAAaaaaaa. yeah, so I'll spare you all the pictures.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I don't know what rto did while he was here, but he never believed my stories about the slug infestation here while he was overseas. i guess they were afraid of him. I just found two (2!) dried slugs in the living room. apparently slugs and carpet don't mix.

kitty bed

i bought this kitty bed a while back and was starting to think they would never use it. but, carlos has crawled into a few times now. as you can see, though, the puppy is a problem. Posted by Picasa


but not that accursed afghan i was going to make for rto.

shuffle thing Posted by Picasa

i did this last weekend. no counting at first, just winged it. anyhoo, one side of the "handle" came off yesterday. should be easy enough to fix, just thought i'd done a better job than that. oh well.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

four hours of rehearsal and no a/c

makes maggie kinda cranky. even better, we had to get measured for costumes. I'm sorry, there's only so much my anti-perspirant/deoderant can do.

still not a peep from rto. i guess he'll be staying in Durant next week. ;P

put a bookcase together tonight, so hopefully i won't have piles of stuff on the piano for a while. riiiiiight.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

so my own kitties don't kill me in my sleep for not posting their pics for friday

maggie Posted by Picasa

something about this picture reminded me of someone.....

GK's lost kin? Posted by Picasa

I found this at the Dallas Morning News site.

N. Texas shelter cat chosen for online contest

09:54 PM CDT on Thursday, May 18, 2006

By ALAN MELSON / The Dallas Morning News

A feisty 1-year-old could be the next reality show star from North Texas.
Sam, a shorthair with orange and white fur that was dropped off several weeks ago at Carrollton no-kill shelter Operation Kindness, has been chosen to appear in the Meow Mix House, a reality offering from the eponymous cat food company that is scheduled to hit the Internet in June.

in case you missed it.... check out the interview of Gigolo Kitty at Catcall.

so it doesn't get lost in the comments.....

Big THANKS to sirkisser for suggesting Wavepad, it's free and does more than i would ever think of doing with a recording. fun to play with.

so i emailed my clip to a few friends and family cause i didn't want to bother evilsarahk/sirkisser again. if you'd like to hear it, gail liked it so much she posted it at her place, here. I highly recommend gail's site anyway because i learn quite a bit over there. (i spent some time tonight reading up on Alban Berg's Lulu because of her, that's one freaky opera plot.) and the commenters are some of the smartest, funniest, nicest people i've run into online. (just don't get them started on puns..... please.... for the love of GOD!!!!!) ;D

anyhoo, in other news.... uh, yeah, nothing much going on here. RTO will be home on leave in a few days! yay! and, um, i really am trying to get motivated to learn my role, no really, it's just, you know.... i've been at work all day.... and, uh, i had to move file boxes around...... i'll have plenty of time tomorrow..... oh, and i've got a lesson..... so, ya know, i won't learn anything terribly wrongly..........

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

another bleg....

sooooo, don't know if i mentioned it yet, but Sunday went well. sang at the in-law's church. was prepared to play the piano for myself, but got there, found out they'd tricked out the sound system and that me sitting at the piano would be like me being in another room. (very back of the sanctuary, behind the lecturn, most of the sound equipment and the grand piano) anyhoo, so i sang with the cd. and they gave me a cd of the whole service. I'd post my bit, but i don't know how to edit it.... any suggestions?

remember that music thing?

I'm sooooo smoking crack. cause i like to make things ten times more difficult than they have to be. that, and i don't like leaving my house.

Friday, May 12, 2006

and what's up with this?

mushrooms... Posted by Picasa

they are all over the backyard.

Maggie mysteries....

anyone know what this is? Posted by Picasa

close up Posted by Picasa

recent project....

Posted by Picasa

I wanted to give the costume lady something, because i was such a problem during the show. (she added hooks, then we gave up on that and she sewed the skirt and top together, then replaced the zipper on the top when it died, then week before last the cape fell apart.....) I was thinking the dress in this looked kinda like my costume.... anyhoo, i touched up the drawing a bit, added a background and tried to sketch out the face a bit more (see original, here). had to tweak the matte a bit too, you know ,when i draw something i'm not thinking "will this fit in a standard frame?" maybe i should. har har.

little vultures

aren't you done with breakfast yet? Posted by Picasa

I usually let them clean out the cereal bowl when i'm finished, but sometimes they can't wait that long.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

fortunatly my kitties don't hunt anything they can catch....

you know, they mostly just stare out the window. i guess they'll occasionally eat a bug, but i can't remember them ever leaving me a gift. anyhoo, this post made me laugh, and the pictures are even better.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

weird thing about me i just remembered....

anytime i hear or see the phrase "mea culpa" my brain starts playing Bernstein's Mass.

Meeeeeeeea culpa (beat) *snap* *snap* meeeeeeeeeea culpa (beat) *snap* *snap* meeeea maxima culpa......

okay, okay....

i seem to recall there was this thing where i would close my eyes for a few hours every night.....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

it's like college all over again....

MK: I have to have how much music memorized? by when?

Monday, May 08, 2006

i did it....

dyed my hair again today. it's been a while since i did that. for a long time i used Feria in chocolate cherry and for whatever reason the last time used crushed garnet, which i used today as well. uh, think i'll be going back to the other one. something about going from mousy brown makes it a bit disconcerting.


Sykes, Fagin, Nancy and Dodger Posted by Picasa

i'm remembering as i go through these that the photos were taken before some things were finalized costume/make-up wise. Fagin in particular.

Mr. Bumble

Posted by Picasa

the chairs were kinda short. i found out yesterday most of the furniture was on loan from a local antique shop. whee!

cause who can get enough of me as a blond?

Brownlow, Bedwin, and Nancy Posted by Picasa

cast and crew Posted by Picasa

the set

Posted by Picasa

most of it anyway. the two sets of stairs on the left (Stage right) moved around for different scenes, sometimes stored under the platform on that side. fortunately we didn't have to dismantle all this yesterday since the director for the next project there liked it and will be using it.

Oliver wrap up....

widow corney Posted by Picasa

i'll be posting a few pics today....
this costume earned me the nickname Lizzy (Borden)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Jeff Goldstein ain't got nothin' on me!

Oliver! community focus spot.

this has been running occasionally on 88.5 KEOM. it's run by Mesquite high school.

Thanks to Kevin for hosting.

Friday, May 05, 2006

not that there's anything wrong with that....

here's carlos helping me put my makeup on.....or not. Posted by Picasa


some people post really cute pics of them giving their kitties treats. (check out Cat Grilling in Mr. Simon's gallery) Posted by Picasa

and i was thinking why don't i ever do that?

oh yeah... Posted by Picasa

catbloggin friday

carlos probably yawns as much as i do..... good thing i keep catching it on camera.... Posted by Picasa

in other kitty news, Laurence Simon has mentioned it being Cinco de Meow Meow.... so maybe i'll post more Carlos pics today.

though he's not mexican. we gave him a spanish sounding name because his mom's name was thomacina, she was named by the honduran kids staying with rto's parents.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the other rose bush (monster rose bush) Posted by Picasa

music question....

so, i'm scheduled to sing at the in-law's church (Methodist)on Mother's day..... any songs come to mind? i'm not coming up with anything off the top of my head. Father's day? piece of cake, why couldn't God be a woman?

is there anything worse than.....

a paper(file folder) cut under your nail? i'm currently thinking not. a few days from now i won't be able to flip anyone off (not that I would EVER do that, mom) with my left hand because that finger will be gone. man, it hurts.


since mom brought it up, somehow there were some bulk emails sent from my aohell address saturday and monday. most people i've talked to have suggested it was a virus or trojan horse of some sort, but i've run scans on the machine and not found anything. any other ideas?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

yeah, yeah....

still alive, just, uh, not keeping up with anything currently.