Monday, November 30, 2009


Just tried my first ever Weekly Home Blessing (not quite an) Hour. I got a lot more done than I thought I would. Particularly the vacuuming (I didn't use the whole ten minutes!)

I decided to try the FlyLady thing after I got laid off because I need some kind of structure or my mood plummets. So far, it's worked pretty well. I kinda fell off the shiny sink wagon this last weekend, but I'm hoping to fix that tonight. Decluttering has also helped me feel really good. It's one of those things I've meant to do forever, but never got around to. I haven't actually set a timer yet, but I usually pick a pretty small space, like one drawer that isn't too cluttered or one cubby in my desk.

Now if I can just get RTO hooked on decluttering....


Saturday, November 28, 2009

what kind of dog?

RTO: so did you see anything on your walk today.

MK: eh. Oh, there was one guy with a dog, I think it was a labrador.

RTO: you say every dog is a labrador.



MK: hmmmmm. Anyway, we started to come up to him and he asked if Roxie was friendly, and I'm all, "yeah" so they stand nose to nose for a couple seconds and then the other dog growled and snapped and the guy apologized.


MK: so, I've decided that Roxie is some kind of mutant dog that doesn't age and other dogs sense that and get angry. That and she has a heavy Kitty accent.


MK: course, we did see some kind of terrier yesterday and everyone was cool.

RTO: Was it a Labrador Terrier?



Friday, November 27, 2009

fun with cut outs...

RTO: could you draw Mary and Joseph?

MK: k



RTO: That looks like a ghost.


RTO: It looks like a ghost when I do it too.



RTO: what's that?

MK: um, a donkey.

RTO: really?

MK: *scribble, scribble, scribble*

RTO: that's better. Can you move him up?

MK: *sigh* He's laying down, he's tired.

RTO: I can't tell he's laying down. It just looks like a pygmy donkey.

MK: *adds line* there. there's his "legs"


MK: oh, we could put an angel up here. or maybe just a horn.

RTO: horn?

MK: you know, a trumpet.

RTO: will you quit drawing on the board, you're wasting my eraser. Let's just make Mary taller.

MK: fine.


MK: tada!

RTO: cool!


RTO: wait, what did you do over here?

MK: oh, I added an animal of indeterminate species and a sheep.



RTO: how bout we keep the sheep an get rid of the unidentifiable animal.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

so much for my musical taste wearing off on him....

RTO: oh good, now I can see what goofy person is singing this.

MK: It's Mahalia Jackson.



RTO: people think that sounds good?


RTO: she can't pronounce things correctly.


RTO: "Christ the savior is bore"?

MK: I'm blogging this.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What have I been doing the last week?

not much, which, I guess, is why I haven't posted anything. I feel like I'm forgetting something today. I'd made a list of things to get done today and well, of course, they are taking longer than I thought they would.

Laundry, Christmas cards, ....??? cupcakes, but then I just remembered I was going to make RTO make the "pumpkin pie spice" for the cupcakes. And now he called and he's going to be late.

It's funny, I went to bed rather early (for me) last night, so then I was wide awake at 2 a.m. I read for about an hour and then conked out again. so the lesson here is, "don't go to bed before midnight"

Have I mentioned I "volunteered" to be treasurer for a state senate campaign? I did and it's quite the learning experience. RTO is helping out with social networking and some other online things. I suppose that's been taking up a lot of my time.

and dog walking. I think we're going to take Roxie with us to the farm tomorrow. because we can. and it will be a chance for her to socialize with some more dogs.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

trade-in time

Happyfeet brought this to my attention.

Cats for Gold!

but I've never really worn gold, so I doubt I have enough to get a kitty.


when did I do this?

This started a week or so ago. At first they just said I had shown an interest in jerky. yesterday it was "meat snacks" and today they've added pepperoni. which, I guess I do like, but I don't remember ever looking at them on Amazon.

I think maybe they're spying on me and know I've been drooling over the Jerky Outlet billboard on I-30. (I looked for a website, but they don't seem to have one. However, this lady claims to have been there, so I know I'm not smoking crack.)


Monday, November 16, 2009

just to get it out of my system

so maybe I'll sleep. I'm stressing about tomorrow. There were all these things I was gonna do and then today I had an audition and got called back, but it's tomorrow night so now I'm panicking and trying to decide what I can do tomorrow and what I should leave for another day.

probably the errands. but I was so planning on doing them tomorrow. Then I remembered I have a dentist appointment as well.

silly things, I know, but I usually have my days at least planned out in my head a couple days before. and having to change them at the last minute stresses me.

on the plus side, I got some organizing/decluttering done this weekend. I think RTO is a little annoyed about it because the mood strikes me at odd times, like before we were going to watch a movie. (but I was standing there waiting for the disc fixer to do it's thing and the drawer that's right there has been driving me nuts for a while. so I pulled everything out of it and sorted it and there's much more space in there now that most of the defunct phone chargers are gone. and the cookie cutters found a new home.)

But then I'm also not getting all the odd little things done that I thought I would. like reading. and I think Christmas ornaments are going to be postponed to next year. I made one over the weekend and well, it takes too much time (at least seven Red Eyes plus a couple Next Iron chefs)to be able to do many in a timely fashion. so, um, I've got a head start on next year.


Sunday, November 15, 2009



Saturday, November 14, 2009

if our house burns down, you'll know why...

MK: oh, hey, there was something I was going to ask you about... but I've forgotten what it was...

RTO: must have been very important.


RTO: or a lie.

MK: oh yeah!


MK: no, no, it's not that. you see. um... Where does the dryer vent go?

RTO: um. that's a good question.

MK: it's just I've seen a couple things lately about cleaning that out or risking all the fluff exploding into flame eventually. and then I think, I don't know where it is outside.

RTO: dunno


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Aaaaawwwww

dogs welcoming home soldiers at mental_floss.


in his dreams...


MK: what?


MK: what is it?

RTO: you don't notice anything different?

MK: um...

RTO: *points at face*

MK: oh, you got new glasses?

RTO: yeah!

MK: they don't look that different.

RTO: they're totally different.


RTO: see, the sides are black instead of silver.


RTO: now I have sexy rimless glasses just like Jeff.

MK: but there's stuff at the top of yours....

RTO: so, um, they're still rimless, there's nothing on the bottom.

MK: whatevs.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

let the boredom.... begin!!!

had the final show tonight. It went well. Have to go help strike the set tomorrow. but otherwise, I have not much to do for a while.

here's a few projects I finished up lately....

It looks kinda scary, but it does it's job well (holding my iphone while I walk Roxie). I think I may need one more patch to cover the top flap thing where I sewed the snap on. maybe some tiny letters for my name too.

One of the smaller cross-stitch projects I've been working on.

I always make RTO do the finishing bits, like the hanger on this one.

well, okay, I haven't made him do this one yet. which is why it looks like a choo-choo wreck.

There's one other cross-stitch thing I'm working on that will hopefully get done tomorrow and then maybe I'll start on some ornaments.... duhn duhn DUUUUUHN!

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Friday, November 06, 2009

remember when Friday used to be cat bloggin day?

Iz helping!


Thursday, November 05, 2009

This year's Halloween cupcakes....

RTO made the frosting orange.

I already have plans/ideas for Thanksgiving ones... just need to know where they'll be going.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

starting to wonder if they're just testing the sirens....

they started at 1:01.

Couldn't get Roxie to howl, though. It's so cute, but she generally won't make any noise in the house and she didn't want to stay outside.


last accounting post for a while... I hope....

Here's an example of the questions that kept confusing me....

for some reason it made me think of mom. ;D

oh, the study mode just means I could see if I got it right or not right away and see what the correct answer should have been.

seems like most of the final had these kinds of questions. I hate them.

yeah, that last one was all stupid questions.. didn't ask how to make an entry or anything, just "Why is this a good idea?"

anyhoo, tomorrow I will go to one last class at the placement co. and then be put on hold for a month and get one week in December. I plan to finally enjoy my funemployment, I just have one last weekend of performances and then my days and evenings are mostly free. (Roxie starts Intermediate training Tuesday)

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Monday, November 02, 2009

another day another accounting course....

W007! Accrual Accounting Procedures!

I was hoping to get more done today, but then I got distracted with looking at job postings. *sigh* May try to push through the last three and test tomorrow. But, I have to go vote at some point and get some kitty litter.

update: another one down... one to go....

I'm totally kidding about that payroll thing. I think they simplified a lot of it.

update 2: ALL COURSE WORK IS FINISHED!!! now, to try the final exam. heh.

I'm noticing I don't do well on the Lesson Overviews. I showed some of the questions to RTO and we've decided I over-think things. The Overview questions are usually along the lines of "If I account for Merchandise Inventory _______" fill in the blank with one or several of their choices and they're always nebulous things like, "The company will have an accurate financial picture" "The Company will make money" "Everyone will be more efficient"

I don't care about all the reasons why I'm doing this stuff. I just do it.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Didn't know it was so dangerous....

RTO and I were taking Roxie for a walk last weekend and these two kids were coming down the street. The boy on the bike asked if we knew the way to the park. "but not the snake place" um. "The one with lakes" hmmmm. that's where we're headed. but there is a playground at one end that's separated from the lakes by some soccer fields. Anyway, RTO told him how to get there and we continued on our way to the "snake place"

Now I think of that every time we're there. I've seen snakes a few times, but not enough to dub it "the snake place" so, maybe his parents just didn't want him going that far. who knows?