Saturday, December 31, 2005

be afraid, be very afraid.....

rto has decided to take everything out of the entertainment center and rearrange it. had someone come out and install some tv thing, it's uh, digital broadcast? anyway, interesting and cheap alternative to cable or satellite. i think mainly rto was missing having a "24 hour" news channel. (though you'll notice, they only offer FoxNews, nttawwt)

well, seems he got everything back together and it's all working. cool, we'd been having issues with the surround sound, finally figured out last night that the center speaking had disconnected. yay!

when i told rto about it he said he'd be embarassed too....

but i shall post it anyway, cause i find the stuff in my head very amusing.

i dreamt i had a fling with Mort Kondracke last night. or i think it was me, but i'd changed my name to kate or something totally not my name,and i was much younger and thinner, we'd go to parties and i was getting peeved that people were talking about us. funny detail, i remember saying "hey, didn't you get engaged not long ago?" and he said, "yeah, i already got married". d'oh!

so i was giggling about this and that's when rto made his comment, and i said, well, that's probably what you'll look like when you're old, so maybe it's not so bad. ;D

Friday, December 30, 2005

a "supervisor kitty" pic. carlos was right there to make sure the toilet was installed properly. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 29, 2005

this is my brain on stress.....

not that there's anything to be stressed about.... yet. let's just say that 2006 is looking interesting, and it hasn't even started yet.

so i had a dream last night that i was supposed to sing in a recital, thought i had everything planned, was just gonna stop somewhere and see if i could find something new to wear, nope. no biggie, i thought, i've got things at home, but it's always fun to get something new, oh well. i spent the rest of my dream frantically trying on clothes and hating everything, nothing fit! for some reason my dad was driving at that point and he kept telling me to hurry up we were going to be late, and i was like, just one more minute, i know there's something in here. next thing i know it's a half hour into program time and i still have nothing to wear. fun, fun.

i also had a dream about being back on stage for cinderella, but not. it was more of a free for all and i spent most of the time sitting and talking to people.

anyhoo, i listened to suor angelica a couple times last night. different recording, i have a recording of, uh, Renata Scotto on vinyl, and the director gave us all cd's of a version with Sutherland. so i dumped it onto the shuffle and played it through twice. parts of it still give me chills regardless of the performer, puccini does such a good job of matching music and drama. (yeah, i'm bad at putting this into words)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

oh please!

MK: hello?

person on the phone who just called and i answered, cause at least the number showed up on the caller id: Hello, is Richard there?

MK: you've got the wrong number.

potpwjcaiacaltnsuotci: uh, maybe i wrote the name down wrong, can i speak to the man or lady of the house.

MK: they're not here, can i take a message?

potpwjc(oh forget it!): no thanks.


that was smooth. i'll have to remember that one.

Monday, December 26, 2005

recovering from christmas

or asphalt poisoning, as rto would put it. i've caught up on the paper and will now panic about memorizing for a week or so. yay!

Friday, December 23, 2005

lately carlos just won't leave rto alone, every night he plants himself on rto's lap, regardless of whether or not it's empty. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 22, 2005

so how's that temp job going maggie?

oh, i'm so glad you asked! maybe that's why i'm cranky. actually, it's not bad, i spent today clicking on little boxes. yep, one hour of filing, seven hours of click, click, clikin' little boxes. yay! and there were some left over for tomorrow! from the talk around the office today it doesn't sound like anyone is planning on doing much tomorrow, maybe even leaving early. we shall see. if nothing else, i know there will be food. suppose i should go to sleep now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

and rto often tells me my taste is in my feet....

we shall not speak of the things he purchased today. and yesterday... shiny tape! i know, i know, he means well, but shiny tape! who doesn't spring for the "invisible" tape for wrapping? maybe it's just the time of year, i don't know, i feel bad for how many times i want to just chew his head off and he's trying to be helpful. *sigh*

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i really did mean to post today....

ugh, it was yucky, cold and rainy all day. got gifts wrapped though so it wasn't a total loss.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

except then people would probably think i was an albino....

Your Hair Should Be White

Classy, stylish, and eloquent.
You've got a way about you that floors everyone you meet.

Friday, December 16, 2005

things that disturb me....

when i'm temping somewhere and something shows up for me, i mean, with my name on it. Posted by Picasa

i forgot about years ago when i was temping and the agency would sometimes send gifts. though this is much nicer than the branded ceramic pencil cup i got back then. oh and it had chocolate covered almonds in it, i gave those to the cinderella cast along with the chocolate chip cookies with pecans my mil gave us at thanksgiving.

i love when the kitties do things together. wish i could get a picture of them running side by side in front of me as i carry their food to the bathroom. here, i think they're watching for the puppy. Posted by Picasa

rto called this morning....

we're expecting him here any time now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

people give me stuff....

the queen had one of these made for everyone. it was tasty. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

something about this.....

With time, you can feel Crimson Joy.

Time is a fire. Time can burn. Time can hurt. But it can also purify. It can chase away shadows. It can melt the coldest heart. Time can burn hatred away.

follow the links.

is someone trying to tell me something?

the latest string of coincidences involves the newspaper.
First we have this post from gail.

next i came across this post about editorial cartoonists.

then, i'm a few days behind on the paper, and the sunday Opus strip was about replacing everything with gadgets, everything:

Posted by Picasa

(click on picture for legible version)

Finally i opened the mail to find this:

Posted by Picasa

(and again, click)


let's face it....

when rto's gone, i don't sleep at night. whee!!! this will suck come wednesday when i have to w*rk.

oh, and i get really chatty.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

more pictures.....

kevin has posted some pics from his trip here. there are also some good ones from the show.

know what else?

ending on a matinee is gonna be such a downer. i mean that's usually how things end, but still, so now i'll have all sunday evening to mope. yay!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

in other news...

i met evil sarahk (cadet happy, mud shoelace, kevin) last night. he's in town for the wedding. he and his daughter went to see Cinderella. she's even cuter in person! silly me, didn't get any pictures. oh well.

two more shows....

i'm already getting depressed. *sigh*

what did you just say? Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 09, 2005

5 random facts about me.....

1. i wear size 6 shoes, which makes shoe shopping fun (not)

2. when i was very young, we had a cat named Sugarplum. one of my favorite pics was always the one where mom and i are in the background and the cat is right up in the camera.

3. i drink/make one pot of coffee a week (roughly) i'm not picky.

4. shameless plugging? not so easy in real life. (ahem, this is your last weekend to see Cinderella! though i think they're all sold out already. ;P) i'm pretty shy.

5. i have no problem eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, i love monotony!

happy now shell?! ;D

Ladies, commence drooling....and voting....

because i was tired of waiting Posted by Picasa

and rto's out of town, and it's late. :P

Thursday, December 08, 2005

oh wait....

so, yeah, some of us have been making light of the ice here. lots of schools were closed today. i went into work a couple hours late and things were well melted. but, i couldn't get back into the garage when i got home. the driveway is too steep and icy.

so we were supposed to have a performance tonight for the boys & girls club, but they canceled it. :( Posted by Picasa

(thanks to raina for the picture)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

it's so cold, i decided to feed the puppy inside. well, guess who decided to dig in. Posted by Picasa

lovely weather....

it's cold and rainy/sleety/snowy today, so of course everyone HAD to leave the office early. people here don't know how to drive, even in nice weather. will have to call tomorrow morning to see if anyone will be there.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

since rto isn't around to rant.....

lots of linking to this bit from howard dean. the part i know rto would love:

"I think we need a strategic redeployment over a period of two years," Dean said. "Bring the 80,000 National Guard and Reserve troops home mmediately. They don't belong in a conflict like this anyway.

DON'T BELONG!? WHAT HAVE THEY BEEN TRAINING FOR? you think they learn different things than the regular army!? as rto always points out, they go through the same basic training and advanced schools as full time army people. heck, rto's gone right now for WLC (warrior leadership course) (hopefully i haven't mangled anything here too much) i can't tell you how many times when we'd tell people he was going to afghanistan and they'd express concern and he'd say, "no, no, this is what i've been training for for ten years. yes, being away from my family will be hard, but i'm so happy to finally be of service" and i'm glad he gets to do something he loves. i think it's sad some people don't understand that feeling of duty and honor and protecting your fellow countrymen.

(h/t carin)

catchin' up....

carnival of the cats is at When Cats Attack this week.

came across a couple interesting links at watermark. DreamKitty, mmmmm lots of chococat and hello kitty stuff. and something i'm not sure about, i find it amusing, yet disturbing, the nsa has a kid's site. (and here i thought it was "no such agency") ;D

Monday, December 05, 2005

As many of you know, somehow my blog was deleted late friday. Not only has it not been restored, I have not gotten any response from Blogger and someone else now has the url.
If you would like to show support for restoration of lone tree on the prairie, please email blogger at

and put the following line in the subject line -
Re: [#332167]

I would only ask however, that if you are going to write on my behalf that you please be polite. And if you wanted to post this on your own blogs, that would be pretty cool too.--

Matthew Peek

update: it's back up!

stupid matinee tricks....

Things i did sunday:

-dropped a line in my first scene. "really cinderella!"

-"ssss sssss cinderella hasn't got it"

- sneezed at the end of the ballroom scene, you know, everyone's looking at the prince walking downstage gazing intently at the shoe. the prince said as we were leaving the stage "you stole my moment!!!!" heh.

-almost dropped another line/came in late at end of "Lovely Night" my actual thought process "gee it's quiet..... oh that's MY line!"

i think that's it for me. my sister had her bracelet break in the ballroom, little pearls went everywhere. and then she managed to lose control of the shoe and send it flying. fun, fun.

this weekend's audiences have been much better. they laughed. yay! anyhoo, was reminded we've got a thursday show this week, sort of. it will have some cuts so that it's mainly music.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

i've never even heard of this....

take the WHAT BAD BOOK ARE YOU test.

and go to not as good as reading a good book, but way better than a bad one.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

another thing i love.....

when telemarketers call and ask to speak to my mom or dad.

thanks for making it so easy to get rid of you!

Friday, December 02, 2005

don't have any angry pics of the kitties, so this will have to do. Posted by Picasa

seems like the animals always do something to freak me out when rto leaves town for a while. so tonight i decided to feed the puppy before i left. carlos and maggie usually come to watch. carlos got wedged between the door and the storm door so when i opened the door to come back in, he slipped out. ugh, usually they just scoot back inside, the outside is scary, but of course i don't have a lot of time to kill so carlos decided to see the garden. i grabbed him by the back of his neck and carried him back inside. well, something like it..... i got the glass door opened and he launched off my arm (i've got a nice puncture wound and a couple of bruises, one from where the door handle hit my hand.)

it's like he has a reset button, he gets out of the house and when he comes back he doesn't recognize anything and freaks out. even though he was only outside for a few seconds. so, he attacked maggie, i yelled they broke up and sat and hissed and growled at everything. maggie was on the back of the couch and i went to pet her to try to calm her down, then i notice some dark spots on the back of the couch. turn the lamp on to check and, yeah, she's bleeding. i swear i looked at her nose and it was bright red, i started to panic, but then thought, no, i'll go clean her up first. took her into the bathroom and wiped off her nose. that was it, thankfully. couldn't even figure out where she was bleeding.

so i went to do the show, everything seems okay now. cleaned up the place a bit since my parents are coming in, and we had one altercation with the puppy. *sigh* if this keeps up i think someone may be dead by morning.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

so i got this kinda strange temp job....

well, strange as in only two days a week for a few weeks. other than that it's pretty normal. this week i've been filing. yesterday the person i was brought in to help didn't show- her car died, and she'd decided to replace it the next time it did that. so i filed. today, i filed some more, looks like someone hasn't been filing for a while. getting ready to leave today the guy is like "so, you won't be here again till next week? what am i gonna do about filing?" i replied, "uh, probably the same thing you've been doing." that doesn't sound right, what i said is right, but it was a lot funnier in a "we all know you haven't been filing anything" kind of way from what he said. oh well, maybe it will come to me later. anyhoo, tomorrow begins another weekend of Cinderella, and rto is leaving for a couple weeks. w007!!!

once sudafed is outlawed only outlaws will have large quantities of sudafed.....

stopped two places on the way home and they only had the measley 24 count name-brand stuff in stock. ugh. since i'm taking these turkeys every day the less often i have to think about buying them/running out, the better. and it was so dissapointing after i was pleased to see that one store offered 96! yay! but no, of course they didn't have it in stock. losers.