Friday, June 30, 2006

bored, bored, bored....

been playing with this face recognition thing..... a few blogs i read have linked to it before, but apparently i've never been quite so bored..... me in glasses=men in glasses, me in tons of makeup=marilyn monroe, me in kitty costume=ricky martin.... i can't figure out what it's going by, they recommend using different pictures and seeing who comes up more than once..... so far Uma Thurman and Isadora Duncan have popped a couple times, oh, Steven Soderbergh just popped up again (yeah he's wearing glasses).... the really strange thing is, when i give it my headshot, nobody comes up. course i've been told it doesn't really look like me even.

when dreams and reality collide....

(man, i just love ellipses, i'm sorry) anyhoo, last night i was dreaming about walking around some little town with rto, it was dark and cold, i think i was wearing a coat. anyhoo, i'm running after rto and suddenly, "agh! i think there's a bug in my hair!" i'm thinking it must have got caught there when i pulled it back so i start waving my arms/shaking my head, i can still hear it buzzing. I woke myself up, still hear buzzing, i think it was too low pitched to be a mosquito, but it was annoying. didn't ever find anything. though i do remember maggie getting saucer eyed about something shortly before i turned out the lights, so maybe that's what woke me up.

phone conundrum

soooo, mom says she's been trying to call tonight and getting a busy signal. huh. I pick up a phone, no dial tone. but, LOOK AT ME! I'M ONLINE! not sure what that means. there seems to be a problem, but danged if i can find it. I went and checked all the phones, cause sometimes kitties know them off the hook/chew through cords, but everything looked fine. sooooooo, any other ideas?


The number you are reporting is part of an outage.The estimated restoration time for this outage is 7/1/2006 6:00 PM.

yay! let's hope my house doesn't burst into flames in the mean time. or i have a serious accident of some sort. i suppose i should be thankful the dsl is working.

Jesus is my boyfriend.....

I hadn't seen that phrase until today, there's a rather lively discussion on church music going on at nfcs, i can't directly link anything there, but go check out the main forum. anyway, back to the title:

Let's unpack the meaning of "Jesus is my boyfriend"June 28 2006 at 9:43 PM

Response to Is this "Jesus is my boyfriend" a real song???

If you know contemporary praise and worship music (esepcially the VERY contemporary stuff that's not based on Biblical texts...although note that there is a movement to base a lot of it on Biblical texts), you'll see/hear that if you took out words like God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit, you could just as easily be singing to a lover. Hence, the phrase "Jesus is my boyfriend"...In fact, it was never made so clear as when I was a freshman in undergrad. I was playing a CD of some of it (which I had obtained at youth camp right before coming to college). My non-practicing quasi Jew, atheist neighbor heard some of it and said, "You know, AYO, that stuff sounds like you're singing to/about a man."

anyhoo, church music is a subject near and dear to many in my family....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

work conversation....

MK: so, uh, should i just keep showing up until someone says otherwise?

Superivsor: yeah, you know, i'm not really keeping track of that p.o.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i'm just generally peeved tonight, i guess....

cause what i really wanted to do was spend a couple hours trying to get the stupid printer to work. *sigh* me and technology, it's a love/hate thing. still debating whether or not it was worth the time and money just so i can print things while i'm sitting on the couch. *prints page* yeah, it rawks!

This may get me in trouble....

but, gee the stupidity....

Golf course superintendents often keep a low profile. But "in the golf course hierarchy structure, the superintendent is your third- or fourth-most important person in the organization," said [name of golf course redacted to protect the, uh, innocent] general manager [name also omitted because it wouldn't surprise me if someone liked to vanity google] (my emphasis added)

Yeah, who needs stinkin' grass to play golf? or have they found some special greens that just mantain themselves? ;P

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Jason at Countercolumn links to an interview of my man Mort at the Real Ugly American.

poor kitty

I just saw one of these up for adoption at Petsmart.

speaking of which there was one kitty i've seen there before, named Goldie, an orange tabby, they say he's good with dogs..... soooooo tempting.

before i forget....

saw one of these in the paper today, looks awfully familiar.... but not..... it's aquatic. then again, the pic on this page.... no pic here, but maybe it's not aquatic, and i don't think i've ever seen the leaves change colors.....hmmmmmm. ugh, will have to do more searching tomorrow... i should sleep now.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey itunes!!!!

THEY aren't the SAME!!!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

rambling weekend wrap up

yeah, so, finished with Figaro now.... what to do with my free time? had a really craptacular lesson Friday, saturday's audition was equally impressive. oh well. the in-laws came to the show today, apparently they told everyone they saw in costume to let me know because many, many people passed on that bit of info. though first words out of MIL's mouth were, "Matt told me YOU'RE maggie katzen." uh, yeah, ???? oh, yes, they've been reading rto's blog, forgot i post there occasionally. she was a bit confused,concerned about who was posting stuff about him. didn't mention i have my own blog, it ain't that entertaining, but you know that already. ;D

so i'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow and just generally goofing off, except for doing laundry maybe. catch up on the paper, i'm up to wednesday. oh speaking of paper, there were a couple articles about Living Opera, one last Sunday and one today. no, i didn't talk to the reporter.

oh yeah, kitty vet visit was typical, much hissing and growling and fawning. everyone's fat. Carlos tipped the scales at 18 lbs. Maggie is a little lighter at 12-ish. Pete (that's him on the desk oh yeah, and i assume he's named for pistol pete as he wears an Oklahoma State collar.)came to greet us, and surprisingly carlos didn't seem to mind. also he inspected my purse, they said he really likes purses. he reminded me of Bosco, large, black and the same kind of fur, but much, much friendlier.

Friday, June 23, 2006

News Alerts!!!!

was listening to the the Jerry Doyle show on the way home, and like that he talked about this:

6/22/06 Hour 3: Inane News and Youth Both Fox and CNN wasted America's time by getting helicopter shots of a busted fire hydrant!

He played a clip or something, I think he said it was an interview with the guy that designed the Fox News Alert back in 1999. How it was meant to get people's attention, yeah, it still does, but for me it makes me look at the clock, cause it comes up EVERY HALF HOUR!!!!! I'm not the only one to notice this, from wikipedia:

Fox News also created the "Fox News Alert," which interrupted regular programming when a breaking news story occurred. Each News Alert was designed to be attention-catching with a swooshing graphic filling the screen and a piercing chime instead of the regular news music. At the beginning of FNC, the Fox News Alert was used fairly rarely, giving the chime more cachet, but currently it is used regularly to announce scheduled events or repeat existing news instead of only breaking news stories, with Fox News Alerts sometimes several times each hour instead of just a few times a day.

so yeah, it gets annoying when i'm trying to sleep. I guess i could change the channel, but there might be that one time it really is important. (insert wolf and crying boy cliche here) FNC is the only news channel we receive here, though i think the local cbs station starts running some weird headline news kinda thing about one thirty. anyhoo, glad i'm not the only one annoyed by what's considered "breaking news"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

okay, stay calm....

but, why did the paper shredder in the office just make some noise?

Hello, me not dead

Opened Figaro tonight. wow. I'm lovin' this show. I don't know if it's because i've tried to learn it or what, there just seem to be so many little details that make it extremely entertaining and me really emotional. (tonight i stayed backstage to catch the finale and had to fight not to just break out in tears(happy and sad), I know part of that is RTO being gone, but not all of it) so that's what i've been up to this week, rehearsin' and workin' and sleepin'. three more shows to go.

takin' the kitties to the vet tomorrow. audition saturday (which it looks like i'll be getting a lesson in tomorrow, so, uh hopefully that will help.) and then rehearsals for Don Pasquale start Monday. whee!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

small panic moment

last night, i'm on the phone with my mom when another call comes in, i click over and hear a deep male voice say "Hey (Maggie) how are you" uuuuhhhhh, i'm expecting the next words to be something along the lines of "Do you know where your dog is?" because I don't recognize the voice. then they identify themselves as my cousin. whew!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

(hopefully) outsmarting the paperboy....

for whatever reason the Sunday paper gets delivered in two trips. and i learned that if i bring in the first one (comics, ads, fun Sunday bits), I don't get the second (Front page, sports, "overnight"). well, it was getting stormy here, and sure enough part of the paper is already on the sidewalk, but i'd rather not have to wait for it to dry out tomorrow morning. sooooooo, I grabbed some old papers from the recycle bin and stuffed them in the bag and left them out there. TAKE THAT PAPERBOY!!!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

not so close pic of the mystery plants. Posted by Picasa

everyone got baths while rto was here

clean maggie Posted by Picasa

and they're all still fluffy soft.

Did something just blow up??

checking radar.... Posted by Picasa

huh, i guess it's thunder. though it doesn't look like i'll get any rain from this.

update 4:04 p.m. : it's getting cloudy.....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

lizard season has begun....

we had the first kill of the season last night. Maggie got it. I was sitting on the couch (when am i not?) and heard her make some weird noise behind me, got up and found her playing with a little lizard, then roxie and carlos came to check it out too. yay!

slow bloggin' time....

more mystery plants.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006


i bought a couple pair the other day, just to update the wardrobe a little i guess. anyhoo, Little Miss Attila mentioned her shoe size the other day here. and i commented that it must be fun trying to find size 5 as i have a hard time just finding 6's sometimes. and she responded and reminded me about looking at the display size because that's usually the smallest one they have. Maybe smaller shoes are cuter? then i realized i don't buy shoes very often because it's usually such an ass kicking if i'm looking for anything specific. also i think most of the shoes i have bought recently are from places that have everything out in the open, no asking somebody to retrieve them for me! ha, i'm just cheap that way.

welcome to my world.....

fit the following Italian phrase into 13 notes.

d'impegnar la padrona a intercedergli grazia

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Miss Roxie von Shepherdmix visits yet more neighbors

MRvS: This crate is nice, but I'm so cute, wouldn't you rather rub my belly?

Friday, June 09, 2006

problems with addiction

rto liked this pic of maggie, thinks she's stoned on catnip Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

today's weirdness.... so far.....

freaky nurse at the allergist.... i've seen him there before, but today he was just trying to hard to entertain himself. and at first i think he's really good cause i'm not getting stabbed.... and then the burning starts. eh, that's probably not his fault.

two odd messages on the machine, well, okay, one hang-up and one i don't know what, breathing and maybe a tv in the background.

found a broken collar and mangled rabies tags in the front yard (near the front door), no i.d. and no other signs of animals.

just got an email from myself with something that looks like a phone number, except I didn't send it and it has no area code which just doesn't work where i live.

day ain't over yet.....

oh, oh, also a couple of roxie/carlos moments. the first one, Carlos decided that roxie smelled funny (probably from her stay at the neighbor's house) and went to check her out, they were practically nose to nose and no one was injured or got bent out of shape. and then they stared at each other later, again with no ensuing growling or hissing or chasing.

Ms. Roxie von Shepherdmix visits the neighbors....

MRvS: Oh, I simply love working on cars!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

can you tell which one of us lost 20 pounds since March???

me and rto Posted by Picasa

This deployment, i swear i am going to lose some weight. was doing good til rto was home this last week and a half and i just let everything go. oh well.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

little pigs....

so i thought i'd be nice and feed the puppy inside last night since she'd been outside most of the day. feeding order is puppy, then kitties. well, i put the kitty food on the bathroom counter, come back to the living room and find both cats chowing down on the dog food. RAAAAARRRRR!!!!!! anyhoo, roxie spent the rest of the evening watching her food dish like a hawk. stupid cats. they try to be all sneaky and slowly creep up to the bowl, but roxie usually hops up once they get within a foot.

in other news, i'm being a total slug today, thought i'd just let myself go and read comics. w007! haven't even gotten to that yet, oh well, there's still lots of awake time left for me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

which one of us is in the military?

RTO: so, you think we should leave here about six?

MK: uh, don't you have to be there at seven?

RTO: oooooh yeah, i keep thinking nine, but nineteen hundred would be seven wouldn't it.

anyhoo, we made it there in plenty of time. they wound up not leaving til eight. apparently they built some extra time in for those that are chronically late. i went to eat with some of the other wives, heard some fun stories.

since rto is leaving today....

yeah, i took a picture. Posted by Picasa

carlos can return to his favorite napping spot without getting yelled at. I usually make him move when i catch him, no really, but he's persistent.

be sure to catch the carnival of the cats at Tacjammer this week.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

thanks Jeff!

*we're in the car headed for braums, listening to radio ad for some car insurance co.*

RTO: huh, but you'd save 300 hundred dollars a month through aarp

MK: 300 hundred a month!? are you sure it's not a year? i mean, cause with those savings they'd be paying us 200 a month.

RTO: you know my intent!