Friday, June 29, 2007

yeah, he sleeps like that all the time....

but it still cracks me up.


just one of the many reasons I heart C-Span 3

MK: oh hey RTO, they're showin' old footage of your boss!


MK: um, I mean, um, employer or.. something.

RTO: huh?

MK: uh, some Ross Perot thing I think it's election night. 11/3/92. would that have been election day back then?

RTO: I think so....

MK: ah, there it is, it says Perot concession speech. huh.

we caught the tail end of it so he was mainly done speaking and they were have a group sing along. After that they ran an old Booknotes with, um, Carolyn Barta. interesting stuff.

MK: oh, you should ask him about that next time you see him in the hall.

RTO: riiiiiight

anyhoo, it seems that C-span 3 is always running something old. it sometimes relates to current goings on, sometimes not. for example, I watched hearings about the Exxon Valdez accident a month or two ago.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Snoopy update!!!

he's seen better days. most concerning is the hole in his arm.

I expect the stuffins will be flyin' soon. OTOH it's been almost a week since I took this pic and I haven't seen any, so maybe Roxie's being careful.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

random pictures

tree stump fungus

new floor



Secret Garden. we were the only ones with crazy makeup.
Thank goodness I didn't have to be gold.



um, not sure what's up, got my laptop back from b-i-l yesterday, he declared the battery the problem. said I could leave the battery out, plug this turkey in and everything should be fine. but it wasn't. so I've been playing around with it today. RTO had said something about taking out the wireless card and it speeding up the other night. so I took it out and yes, the processor finally rested. soooooo I've put the old linksys wireless b card in and the processor is still cooperating. w007! I don't remember the problems starting when I changed wireless cards, but it's working now so I'll run with it. will be posting some pictures later.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

sibling rivalry....

I know everyone wants the play-by-play on my laptop! it's all I have now that Secret Garden is over with. that and it's a major annoyance with me right now. "but maggie how are you posting?" yes, I'm on the desktop computer we got shortly after we were married. it's 8 years old and is currently quicker than my laptop. w007!

so yesterday RTO's brother called for something and I said something about my laptop. (I'd threatened to ask him to fix it anyway, to "motivate" RTO) so B-I-L says, "I could fix it" suuuuuure, but what could it hurt at this point? says he "knows people" he can get free parts from if needed. (unless we're talkin' motherboard) or he thinks it may be a root virus and he has tools for that. last I heard he was trying to keep it away from his kids. hmmmmmm.

anyhoo, I'm planning on crashing for a couple days and trying to figure out what to do with myself for the next month.


Friday, June 22, 2007

limping along....

we broke down and ordered a new laptop the other night. RTO checked on the order status last night and it's estimating delivery a month from now. in the mean time, I'm getting a lot of reading done while I wait for pages to load. also, I think my right hand is going to fall off. eventually. too much w*rk.


Monday, June 18, 2007

what happened Sunday?

seems I'm not supposed to read the paper. I goofed off last night thinking I could catch up today but instead we spent most of the evening in the dark. The power went out shortly after six, RTO got home and we went and ate and when we got back we had power again, but it went out again around eight. so we took the dog for a walk, ran into some people that I knew from Cinderella. (I found out they live not far from us, which would explain why I keep running into them, last time was at Walmart) then we sat out on the patio for a while got bored with that and made some phone calls and then took a bath, cause I was pretty stinky from being outside for so long. anyhoo, the power didn't come back on till almost 11, RTO says they replaced the transformer, he went out and watched them, for fun I guess.

so before all that I had an audition this afternoon and it was entertaining. I wasn't sure what to expect, as usual, but got in the theater and found out I knew the pianist and that helped. she was all, "they only want to hear 16 bars" ooookay, let's do these. sang them and was asked what else I brought, told them and they said, "and...." um, "you have a belt song?" BWAH HA HAAaaaa. made do with something and then as I was leaving they asked how old I was. so I told RTO I'm gonna start smoking and drinking because apparently everyone thinks I'm a mezzo. might as well make it happen. ;D


Sunday, June 17, 2007


The one and only time I've ever seen this. Probably because I don't usually leave the dryer door open long enough for anyone to climb in. I was disctracted with packing for Colorado that night.


Friday, June 15, 2007

breaking the internet

I like to blame RTO for any computer/internet problems that occur here. a little while ago we both lost our internet connections. He went to the office and, um, I don't know what he did but it didn't fix the problem. so I'm sitting here watching cartoons and he goes, "oh, I just turned this email thing off and now the internet is working now" hmmmmmm.


Monday, June 11, 2007

adventures in moving...

One of the scribalistas has moved/is moving from Illinois to Arizona. with a cat. You can read about it here.

Years ago, I got to drive maggie and Carlos down here to Texas. It was only a five hour drive, thankfully, but about twenty minutes in I wasn't sure we were going to make it. They were in a carrier on the front passenger seat and I look over and Carlos was panting. He'd also been yelling at me the whole time. So I stopped and tried taking him out and petting him, but it didn't calm him down any and then he didn't want to go back into the carrier, and maggie didn't want him in there with her either. Finally got him in there and started driving. He kept yelling at me until he finally conked out at the Red River. Not sure what I would do if we had to move again. maybe try Candy's method.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007


I don't remember if I ever posted this. I just love his tail.

anyhoo, we're all adjusting to life with RTO. got a new car (Toyota Carolla) and flooring in a few rooms. maybe someday I'll post pics. whee! oh, Secret Garden opens Friday so this week is going to be sparse posting again. probably.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

quick update....

I got my husband and my car back on the same day! so I got an email Wednesday morning from the Family Readiness Group giving us info on the two flights due that day. They would be in OKC by 9:30 Wednesday night. ooookay, after they got to Durant it would be about 11, but that's doable, I don't usually conk out til about 2. so then RTO called around 9:30... from Colorado... I had a long rambly post but blogger ate it.... long story short we got home about 4:30, I went to work late and got home and found out the car was ready. so we picked it up. and it looked good and I was happy that I wouldn't have to get up early today and take RTO back to Durant for paperwork.

chatter is that we're going car shopping tomorrow. whee!

carp! thunder.