Tuesday, July 31, 2007

fun with weather....

well, we're back in TX. as usual, it was raining. soooo we got to circle around Tyler for almost an hour. whee! sooooo since our plane landed later than orignally scheduled we got to drive home in rush hour traffic. yay!


Friday, July 27, 2007



Thursday, July 26, 2007

Airport fun....

It seems like RTO usually gets extra scrutiny when we fly so I'm always anticipating he'll take longer to get through security than me. But last night took the prize. First he forgot he had a pocket knife on his keychain, but then they were all, "we need to go through your bag" Seems he forgot about the baton (kinda like this) my sister had given him a couple weeks ago. Just for the record, those aren't allowed on planes. So I'm watching them talk to RTO, the TSA guy pulls out this big binder and asks for RTO's id (I think, I was a few feet away) this other TSA lady that's on the other side of me (watching the exit door, how exciting!) tells me that technically they could arrest RTO, but they probably won't. so then these two police officers show up and they're all chatting with RTO for a while and I chattted some more with the TSA lady (told her about Sarahk's fun with the TSA thanks to Frankj). RTO's laptop bag is cammo and has a name tape on it, so I think that helped. I've noticed at D/FW in particular, people are quick to spot military types and stop and say nice things to them. Anyhoo, it probably also didn't help that I had typoed his name when I bought the tickets. (the lady at the ticket counter got a kick out of that)

TCL: um, I'm not seeing your name here....

MK: uh, I think I typoed his name

TCL: ha ha! you certainly did! Do you know this man?

RTO: we just met 15 minutes ago

MK: hey, I got all the right letters!

TCL: (to RTO) your name's Robert

MK: (to RTO) maybe next time, you should just have Nicole* buy your ticket.

anyway we made it to Florida no problems so far today. just being lazy. yay!

*at our apartment in Tulsa we used to get mail for a Nicole "Katzen" so we still joke about RTO's "other wife"


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I suppose it's late enough now....

I could pack my suitcase. yay!


Monday, July 23, 2007

getting antsy again....

we're leaving for Florida in a couple days so i'm losing focus trying to think of what I might need to do before we leave. picked up cat food today and vacuumed the living room. doing laundry. whee!

I finished this last night. um, it's kinda scary looking, but it's soft. It's made of Caron Jewel Box yarn, which was sometimes trying (three strands that liked to separate occasionally) anyhoo, not sure what I'm going to do with it, if anyone is interested in it let me know. Oh, and notice the care instructions at the link.... "Hand wash, cool water. Lay flat to dry." Um, yeah. But it's very soft. and probably toasty.


it lives!

Gradual Dazzle has been looking at houses and yesterday she said, "I was unaware that there were any working avocado-green appliances anywhere on the continent anymore. " There are! RTO and I often joke about the fridge being the reason we bought our house. lovely avocado green.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday night goofyness

we watched Bathing Beauty tonight and one of my favorite bits was the organist, Ethel Smith.
here's a clip of her first number....

and the second, her signature tune Tico Tico


Thursday, July 19, 2007

finally feeling human....

the coffee maker at work was broken!!!!

I made do with tea and a Dr. Pepper, but I still conked out when I got home. didn't have a cuppa until after dinner and I think it's just kicking in. yay!


Dad test #1

What kind of tree is this? I say, "Pecan", RTO says, "nuh uh, but I don't know what it is"

I thought I had some better pics of the leaves. rar! they're on the other laptop.....

It's the one on the right, though I think those two are the same thing.

update from old laptop: close up of leaves.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let's call it 179 days 12 hours and, um, 36 minutes....


almost every time I tried to get a picture of Snoopy, Roxie would pick him up and carry him off. finally caught up with her. his head is hanging on my a thread... here's a pic from last week.

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aaaaand we're back (with pictures!)

ha ha! we got to Norman a little later than originally planned so we had some time to be goofy. I blame RTO, I asked him to call my sister to let her know we made it and that's the message he left. anyhoo, nothing too exciting.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

ha ha, guess where I'm going in a couple weeks

FAA: Planes Nearly Collide On Ft. Lauderdale Runway


kitty ledge update

it died today. doesn't want to stick to the window sill anymore.


back to normal....

RTO: (petting Carlos) Hi kitty! ugh, why are you wet?

MK: uh, I just put flea stuff on them.


MK: I'm pretty sure I announced it.


RTO: well, since I have to work tonight I think I won't go in til one tomorrow

MK: couln't you leave early instead?

RTO: does it matter?

MK: well since we're going to OKC this weekend....

RTO: we are?

MK: yeah.... we talked about this

RTO: you mean when you said "is it okay if we go to OKC this weekend"?

MK: yeah

RTO: okay, that's not making a plan to go

MK: sure it is



Monday, July 09, 2007

as if today wasn't exciting enough already

We have our first confirmed lizard death of the season!!!!

I say confirmed cause it's possible they've already eaten others, I've heard hunting burbling the last couple days and at times I didn't want to get up to check out. But, so, I heard maggie just a moment ago, got up to check on her behind the couch and she had a lizard. It's gone now. very quick work.



my new laptop was delivered today! can you see the difference?


one of those annoyance things that I don't usually post about

mainly because I can't quite articulate why it's an annoyance. Thankfully I've come across others that have managed to describe it for me. For starters Neptunus Lex. and from the comments in particular:

I don’t have trouble with her having an opinion, but it’s about airing it in a world-wide forum, where, between the lines, a mother... makes the conscious effort to say her son is, well, an idiot.

I had read a column in the May issue of Real Simple that was along similar lines. This woman was talking about how she'd raised her son to be a good person and he'd gone and joined the Army. How ever could she explain it to her friends?

as Jules Crittenden puts it:

In any case, he’s a grown man who made his own decision about what to do with his life. He signed up with the military to serve his country. That’s what he’s going to do in Iraq.

Reason to be proud, Mother Cooney, not spiteful.

I know, I know, moms, they worry. But to me it's a matter best kept private.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

more coupling...

we've watched the first couple series(seasons, whatever) this week. in one interview with Jack Davenport he mentions that somehow the writer decided his talent was ranting, so his character does a lot of it. here are a couple of my faves. uh, content warning, the first rant starts about 2 minutes into the clip in case you'd like to skip lots of discussion of naughty anatomy.

second clip. not as much ranting but a hilarious discussion of women's undergarments in relation to the length of a relationship.


Friday, July 06, 2007

kitty perch

we put this up for the kitties a few weeks ago. I had worried they wouldn't use it, I mean, sure they like to sit in that window, but you know cats, they have to think it was their idea. so anyway, I spot them up there fairly regularly and they occasionally fight over it.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

real live conversation

from last night in our kitchen...

RTO: Jeff G. is ignoring me.

MK: huh?

RTO: I emailed him a story and I haven't heard anything from him.



MK: uh, when did you send it?

RTO: this afternoon.

MK: yeah, he gets lots o' email, so I think I'd be more patient.


MK: I've sent him stuff before and it takes a day or two.



RTO: It's about strippers and constitutional issues. what's not to like!?



Fireworks tips....

from Nice Deb and commenters.

a few of my faves:

12. “That big all-in-one bag of fireworks for $49.99 at your grocery store… don’t just throw into the fire. You’re supposed to unwrap it and follow the directions and sh*t”.

15. Dave In Texas sez, “Never pet a burning dog”.

via AoS.


Monday, July 02, 2007


Beverly Sills has died.

a month or two ago I happened to catch a PBS show about her and some of the clips were so moving. She made it look effortless. ugh.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

don't ask how i came across this....