Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday cat


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't feel old enough...

to have been married for nine years.

Happy Anniversary, RTO!

I know I've been cranky of late, but I still love you. ;D


Saturday, August 25, 2007

strange bedfellows...

Jeff posted a brief list o' tunes last night. anyhoo, since I've been in the car more lately I've been listening to the shuffle. it comes up with some kinda jarring combinations sometimes. today it went from something by Apocalyptica to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Also, thanks to RTO adding some tunes to the storage drive, I have no idea what it's playing half the time. okay, I wouldn't know anyway because I have too many cd's, but I like to blame him for stuff. ;D


something distracting

I think I'd read in the paper that web worms were so bad this year they've been moving on to eating other plants as well (usually they stick to trees). that would explain this, I've never seen so many chewed up plants in the back yard before.


just a note for me... for later....

I started a baby afghan tonight. not for me, of course, but for a cow-orker. I needed something to do, and I can't get to the "craft closet" in the "scary bedroom". I don't think I have any appropriate yarn anyway, but I made RTO take me to Michael's to get some. It's pastel green (icy mint, or somesuch)

anyway, still had to get to the closet for knitting needles and row counter, so I just randomly threw stuff across the room. heh.

thing is RTO was supposed to take care of the bulk of that crap before he went back to work and somehow he interpreted that to mean take it all out of the footlockers and cover the floor with it. (and put the footlockers in the other bedroom that's quickly starting to look like the "scary bedroom" itself, anyone need or want a TV?) now he says he can't really make any headway on it until we get some shelves. niiiiiice. so ever so often I say something like, "I'd really like to get to the closet in the scary bedroom" and RTO says, "I can get to it, I don't know what you're talking about" ha ha, he's so cute. so the other day I finally snapped and said, "look, 'getting to the closet' does not mean 'I can lean over two feet of stuff and reach things' it means 'I have a wide area to take the bins out and actually see my stuff'" after being in there tonight I would add, "and open BOTH sets of doors.(oh, and it's not so much leaning over stuff and just standing on it)" cause all the yarn is on the side I can't get to, or I could but I didn't want to take the time to throw more stuff.

this is turning in to much more than what I planned but really, I put up with the "scary bedroom" while he was gone cause he was all, "I'll clean it up when I get back, I promise!!!!" but he hasn't and it's worse than ever and it's spreading. I came this close to mentioning "ye olde boyfriend". he knows who..... and why.

and now he'll probably be all, "why didn't you tell me? instead of making a long rambly blog post?" dunno. cause it's three in the morning and I don't see him much lately thanks to rehearsals and work. *sigh* just a couple more weeks.

anyhoo, we'll see if I get the afghan done before the bebe arrives.


Friday, August 24, 2007

I can has legs?

or whatevs....


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

new kitty games.....

I suppose just to keep me guessing, this morning maggie and Carlos woke me up a couple times. Seems the thing to do now is take off out of the bedroom as fast as you can, run through the living room and into the hallway and meow. They both did it at different times. I would wake up and sit up just in time to seem their back ends round the corner. then about the time I'd lay down they'd start the meowing. I'm thinking maybe some kitty downers are in order.


things i hate.... made more difficult.....

it's bio writing time again. 35 words. oof. I thought maybe if I rambled it would come to me, but no. so far I have:

"Maggie Katzen" hates putting her bio together. Generally not one to "toot her own horn", it usually is just a boring list of recent roles, but since this one can only be a couple short sentences it's hard to figure out what to bother with. She's done some stuff lately, and were she not so lazy could probably accomplish more, but it's that or her sanity and since she loves her husband and kitties and puppy and herself, she's decided to go with the good mental health plan. That way, everyone is (relatively) happy.


Monday, August 20, 2007

yeah, it's exactly like that.....

Paul Harvey has been annoying me lately. I can't find a transcript, but on last Friday's bit he read a story about how passport processing is getting backed up. (well, duh!) anyhoo, he wraps it up with something like, "this is yet more proof the U.S. is becoming more like a third world country every day." WTH!?


I have never eaten one of these....

even though we've got a few in the pantry. I think I may have had a brownie from and MRE once. Anyhoo, The Smoking Gun has some soldier reviews of test MRE's, they're pretty entertaining.

found at Hot Air.


Friday, August 17, 2007

all tucked in....


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


it seems my clothes dryer makes dollar bills!


MK, Roxie interpreter

*Roxie is pacing between us*

MK: is someone going to let the puppy out?



RTO: *gets up and opens the back door* she was just out there...

MK: yeah, she's been eating lots of greenery today. I'm guessing she doesn't feel well, but I don't know why.

RTO: *still standing by the door, Roxie's now staring at him from outside*

MK: *in high pitched 'Roxie' voice* I know you just let me out, but WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME HERE?

RTO: creep

eh, you probably had to be here.

huh, it's been longer than I thought since I last posted. oh well, not a whole lot going on here. just started rehearsals for Carousel. so I probably won't be posting with any kind of regularity for a while. like anyone will notice. ;p


Thursday, August 09, 2007

and finally.... giraffe feeding!!!!

Dad and giraffe

the pictures taken on the other side came out really dark.... and made me look fat..... and, um, the humidity in Florida makes my hair freak out. oh, what the heck.

this giraffe will slobber on RTO soon after this.

There was a Lion Country person there feeding them bananas


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

puppy (un)love

as I'm heading out the door this morning....
RTO: Oh, I switched the car insurance....

MK: um, and you checked on the home policy discount?

RTO: yeah, it's still cheaper to switch.

MK: okay

RTO: you know why xxx wouldn't give us a home policy?

MK: um, cause they don't offer home policies?

RTO: no, they do.



MK: huh

RTO: It's because we have a Shepherd mix.



MK: but she's so sweet!



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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ha ha! I got lazy....

finally, more pictures....


um, tapir?


we're coming to feed him, or some of his friends, but first.....


Flamingo Closeup


Friday, August 03, 2007

for those of you that don't read RTO's blog....

*I'm looking at you dad* ;D

RTO is planning to go to Washington D.C. next month with other "Vets for Freedom". He's cleared the vacation time at work and is trying to get plane/hotel/whatever arranged. I have other things to do here, so I won't be going with him. I've just made him promise he won't get arrested. He is really excited about getting to (hopefully) share his opinion with congresscritters.


speaking of Lion Country Safari....

we went there Monday and it was really entertaining. We mainly just did the drive through thing and fed the giraffes. There's lots of other things to do there, but we mainly wanted to see the animals and feed the giraffes. I took lots of craptacular pictures and a few good ones. These are some of them.


I don't remember what this is.



Fun story about the elephant picture. When we got to the elephants they were all in their house, so we kept driving around the area, as we were about to leave it, we noticed the elephants were back out so dad decided to take this little access road back to them.... just as someone in a Lion Country Safari truck was driving through. Dad drove in reverse back to the elephants and I got this picture. yay!

okay, this is going to take a few posts......



While I was at my parent's house I downloaded some pics off my mom's camera (my camera died about halfway through Lion Country Safari so I had taken some pics on her camera) Anyway, I found these pics I took at Christmas at my aunt's house. His name is Roll because he looks like he's been lightly browned on top.

yes, I stalked him into the bathroom and he posed on the laundry hamper for me.

Then I caught him later watching football. He's a sweet kitty and I think he's living with one of my cousins now.