Saturday, August 30, 2008


MK: so, Dan Blocker did some things other than Bonanza.

RTO: such as...?

MK: um, some random TV appearances and a few movies...


MK: but it's like he gave up after Bonanza...


MK: oh, um, because he died. oops.

RTO: now don't you feel bad about saying that?


we watched Lady in Cement last night. campy. I liked it, but RTO couldn't make it to the end. coulda been the champagne, we'll never know. anyhoo, in the trailers they always called him Dan "Bonanza" Blocker and i found that amusing.

bonus, a local station liked to play this tune for a while:




Friday, August 29, 2008

10 years ago today...

Love ya!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

preach it!

MK: you didn't tell me about Kaine's sermon beforehand.

RTO: I missed it.



MK: They have FAITH to move mountains!

I took a break last night from watching the convention... watched a few people, but got tired of hearing the same thing over and over so turned it off. Tonight's not a whole lot better, but there seems to be more in the way of dead time between speakers/musical acts.

update: um, I had been told there would be no Weasselly Clark. well, he's not speaking.... yet...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

you think the evening couldn't get any more entertaining

and then it does!!!

RTO: he was terminal! let him die.

MK: oh, I thought I knew you.


MK: married almost ten years and now I see how heartless you are.

RTO: I don't expect you to live on cat food just so I can last a few more weeks.

MK: aw

RTO: ... and I said, "I don't take that day off because it's a commie 'holiday', they just put it in September so it wasn't so obvious."

mk: MEOW!

RTO: see! I've raised a proper capitalist cat.

mk: MerrrrrOW!

sometime I should record this, when RTO starts getting loud maggie starts yelling. they have some interesting conversations.


Dennis Kucinich....

MK: *snort*


MK: I just love him. He's so animated.


MK: how many Red Bulls do you think he's had?




MK: I just want to give him a hug. There, there, it will all be alright. maybe take a nap now.

my favorite music selection so far? Living on a Prayer. RTO tells me they close with Disco Inferno, but I don't think I'll be up that late.

update: Bad Moon Rising for the Governor of Wisconsin? um. okay. It's cause he's bald, isn't it?


good times, good times....


RTO: oh carp, it's already 1:30

MK: but... don't you want to see this?


MK: hee

RTO: I'm going to bed.

MK: oooooh, they've got a documentary!


MK: is that?


MK: Jimmy Carter is narrating!!!


MK: President Humanitarian!

RTO: honk-shoo

cause I know how much RTO lu-u-uvs complaints about hurricane Katrina.

it's probably a good thing I'm in rehearsals. or maybe not, because there's nothing quite like yelling at the TV with RTO. anyhoo, when I got home, RTO had Fox News on, but after a while I changed it over to C-Span, that's really the way to watch this stuff (if you feel so inclined), no commentary, you get to see more people on the floor and hear the cheesy band. sometimes they dance.

update: did I say sometimes? They're showing people dancing every break. aw, Sweet Caroline.


Monday, August 25, 2008

like you care...

but we've been all over the place this weekend. RTO went to Vegas, I went to OKC and Roxie got to stay at the vet's cause they have boarding there and RTO's brother, who usually takes care of the animals, was busy with his new baby. (a girl, born Wednesday, don't know what they were going to name her, something that starts with "M")


oh, and I finally watched A Streetcar Named Desire "The Opera" last night. um. I think I'm going to have to watch the movie. They didn't have subtitles so I missed quite a bit. It started out slow and confusing and sorta made sense by the end and there was some lovely singing and good acting for opera people. so I have mixed feelings about it. I don't know if Mr. Previn has edited it any since then (it premiered in 1998!) but I might give it a second look at some point.


Groban round-up

my dad loves Josh Groban, and I was trying to tell him about Greg Gutfeld's hatred of him this weekend. (yes, I watch Red Eye regularly)I have some other friends that like to take shots at him as well, so anyway, thought I'd try to find some of the Groban hate for dad. ;D

Right now we've got hundreds of thousands of servicemen fighting abroad. They don't have time for dodgeball — they're dodging bullets. But Chronicle editors think Meebo employees are engaging in something cooler: Bouncing a ball in a square, probably while listening to tapes of whales screwing... and by that I mean Josh Groban. I want to beat them to death with sticks. Pointy ones, dipped in Groban's blood.

A new survey reports that two-thirds of Americans think it's possible that some federal officials ignored warnings of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Even
more alarming: more than a third of those surveyed believe in conspiracy theories ranging from covering up data on space aliens and plots to rig oil prices to Josh Groban being a human being.

anyhoo, here's Josh in the Jimmy Kimmel "F*@$ing Ben Affleck" thing. he shows up at about 4:46 in case you want to skip all the set-up.


Thursday, August 21, 2008


funny pictures
moar funny pictures


general crankiness....

Know what I (usually) love about my j*b? I don't have to mess with people. just type and file and zone out.

but today wasn't one of those blissful days. nooooo, today was crazy marketing lady bothering me about "actors" and not having enough to file and type so I had to actually USE THE PHONE today and call people to ask for details so we can stop mailing them checks and they can join the 21st century and get an electronic payment like most everyone else.

I'm really hoping my mood is steroid related and will be better in a few weeks. Otherwise, there will be beatings.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


he's being very still.

maggie was kinda on top of the situation, although he later got away under the entertainment center and I don't know that anyone ever went after him. There's probably a completely dried out frog carcass down there now.


Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been laughing so hard at this blog the last half hour or so. Cake Wrecks. not sure if it inspires me, because how could I do any worse? or should I avoid the "attempting to learn to decorate" entirely lest I end up as a feature there.

found via Cupcakes Take the Cake.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our closet?


It's Carlos' room...

geeze, mom, haven't you ever heard of knocking?


Friday, August 15, 2008


not sure what triggered it, but I decided I needed sushi for dinner tonight. We wound up going to AVOCADO because it's nearby and they drizzle mayo (RTO thinks Miracle Whip) on their California rolls and it is tasty. I've never seen many people in there, which is too bad or good since I never have to wait. Anyway, tonight the waitress we had was cracking me up because she was soooo attentive. Seriously, you could tell she was watching us like a hawk, but from a distance, because we didn't have to ask for anything, but it wasn't like she was just hanging out at our table either.

so after dinner we went to Kohls cause it's tax free weekend and RTO said he could use some jeans. but of course we had the usual "They don't mark things with the right size" thing and didn't make a purchase. (okay, it's an RTO thing, nobody makes pants the size they say they are because he doesn't wear pants that large. ;D)

Finally, we stopped at Half Price Books. RTO found some paperback and I got a few clearance cd's (They're only two dollars!!!) yay!

Currently, maggie is hunting a tiny frog. I got some pictures, but they'll have to wait till I think there are enough pictures on the camera to justify transferring.


Set your recorder, mom!

White House reporter Helen Thomas profiled on HBO

...Next week on cable network HBO, Thomas, 88, makes a rare appearance as an interview subject in a documentary produced and directed by filmmaker Rory Kennedy, whose uncle "Jack" was the first Oval Office occupant Thomas followed as a reporter...

A few months ago, mom told me about going to see Helen Thomas speak at, um, Florida Atlantic University, because someone she knew had tickets, but couldn't go. Anyhoo, mom wasn't terribly familiar with Thomas' slant on things so it was an interesting evening.

I meant to dig this up for her at the time, but never got around to it. Top 10 Tony Snow exchanges with Helen Thomas.


No, she's not on drugs.

she just blinked while I was using a slow shutter speed.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There is stuff in my head...

that, um, isn't supposed to be there. ideally.

made the "annual" trip to the allergist today. I mean, I go in for shots at least once a month, but this was to sit with the doctor and go over everything, see how it's working, blah, blah, blah.

wound up getting my head x-rayed. and then he's telling me about polyps in my sinuses and how they're potential problems if I get an infection because then it will take forever to get rid of and I'm thinking, "great, I'm going to be like Grandma some day with the chronic sinus infection and that's all my blog will be about." (I started to add "and never leave my house" but I do that already without any prompting. ;D)

anyhoo, my life is sooooo exciting right now.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's been almost a week..

Why did no one tell me?

Lou Teicher, of Ferrante & Teicher, Popular Piano Duo of ’60s, Dies at 83

Lou Teicher, half of the piano duo Ferrante & Teicher, whose florid and sentimental versions of movie themes and love songs made them gods of easy listening and earned them wide popularity beginning in the 1960s, died on Sunday in Highlands, N.C. He was 83 and lived in Sarasota, Fla.

and I love this bit at the end...

It was in 1959 that the producer Don Costa moved from ABC Records to United Artists, taking Ferrante and Teicher with him. There the two capitalized on the record company’s affiliation with a movie company; Mr. Costa was being sent the scores from United Artists films, and when he received the theme from “The Apartment,” he brought it to the two pianists; it became their first big hit.

“All of a sudden,” said Mr. Smith, their manager, “they’d show up at some small theater, or a church or wherever they were supposed to play, and people would be lined up outside the doors to get in, and they’d be saying, ‘Are you going to play ‘The Apartment’?’ ” Mr. Smith added: “And they’d say, ‘No, we’re going to play Bach and Tchaikovsky.’ And the people would say, ‘But we came to hear ‘The Apartment!’ Literally overnight, they had to come up with a whole new two-hour program. They said, ‘People think we’re pop stars!’ ”

Here they are performing the theme from Exodus.

and for mom... Tonight from West Side Story.



Cowboys pre-season game tonight. today is getting better.

I got up early to make an audition that started at 9 and then got all confused and cranky because they only had me read for a part I wouldn't be close to old enough for. (was it because I knew her from a previous show? or ???) and RTO was all, "you really think you're young enough for the part you were interested in?" grrrrr. so I took a nap. later got called for callbacks tomorrow and the director apologized for not hearing me read parts she would actually consider me for, it was just a goof up on her part.

anyhoo, it's football time!


it's not that he's sleepy...

It's that he's tired of waiting for feeding time.

when RTO's nephews were here one night, maggie yawned while they were petting her and they found that really amusing that the cat showed them the inside of her mouth.

shows over.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

teh goofiness

okay, I made a joke about doing some spooky singing for someone the other day and then actually went and did it, because it amused me so much. the very hasty results are here.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

at the vet

well, at least there's a window to look out.

is it safe?

This is far enough, I think.


maybe I'm silly and insensitive....

took Maggie and Carlos to the vet today and I'm always amused by the PetCareTV. Anyhoo, they showed this clip while I was there. I was torn between choking up over recent events and laughing at the cheesy acting.



I bought a cord the other day so I can plug my laptop into the receiver when we watch things from Netflix.

anyhoo, in the mean time, I can also plug my ipod into it. so just now we heard What's the time? Come on Mitch.

the one drawback is the ipod is sitting next to the tv, so I don't always feel like getting up to see what the heck it's playing. but I have an ear from Streetcar, it seems. Renee is pretty easy to recognize, really.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

: (

Eddie, sweetest kitteh evar
2004 - 2008


I'll let you know when the yard bursts into flames

update: It seems in the time I took to post this, the clouds have melted.

I'll try to see what the official high is today. later.... we've still got a few hours to go.

update 2: apparently that was it for today, the official high was 107. and lots of people around Rowlett had power outages.


Saturday, August 02, 2008