Friday, January 30, 2009

this is me the last few days...

anyhoo, RTO's been going through my archives the last couple days and I was all, "all my old pictures are on the external drive and you may find something I didn't post that you like better...." not sure why I was worried about it, eh, like why am I worried about anything lately. I'll be curled up over here if anyone needs me.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

with an intro like that...

RTO: so, um, I was gonna ask you, but then you weren't here and so I just went ahead...

MK: ...

RTO: um, yeah...


RTO: I moved my pictures onto your external hard drive.

MK: OMG!! like there's no space for that.

RTO: well, it's for your music.

MK: one terrabyte! my music doesn't even take up 100 gigs yet.

RTO: well, you do keep buying records.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

RTO comments on Salome

King Herod: Magnificent!

RTO: I doubt it.

let's just say that, as often happens with opera, Salome was a bit long in the tooth and the Dance of the Seven Veils was.... interesting and apparently she flashes everybody at the end (the camera cut away, so I don't know for certain update: googled to try and find a picture of the end and found this article. apparently they want the HD broadcasts to be "family friendly" so they opted not to show her.) and RTO was pretty sure that we didn't miss anything regardless of what King Herod said.


*Ms. Matilla is taking her bow*

RTO: Wipe your chin!


Friday stupid...

so I'm driving to my lesson and think, "oh, I should take my ipod out of it's case." (cause I record them ,but the recorder(kinda like this one) won't fit on there with the silicon thinger on it) but ipod's not in my purse. I don't remember taking it out of there. Oh crap. I probably left it at work. so, I get through my lesson and I'm thinking I'll just stop by the office, then realize, "hey, I can call H___ and ask her to see if it's there" so I call her, she says it's not there. hmmmmm. So I'm still trying to reconstruct my Thursday and I think, "I didn't even listen to it at work yesterday cause I was filing the whole time." that's when I remember I plugged it into the charger last night, because the recorder burns through the battery pretty quickly.


Friday, January 23, 2009

coming attractions....

if I live that long... heh, they're trying to get me to tap dance...


Thursday, January 22, 2009

um, trying to remember a story..

Sean M. has posted a story about some people getting busted for smuggling cocaine because officials thought the raw meat in their luggage was suspicious.

I'll see if I can get my sister tell us about foreigners and food on planes. something about raw hot dogs if I remember correctly.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm not sure it would really work...

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals


stumbled upon this the other night...

was trying to tell RTO about it, but really couldn't do it justice. Check out the Mean Kitty song, too.

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the credits were rolling for The Parallax View

RTO: so, why did we watch this?

MK: um, because I had a dream that said I should.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fave headline today...

don't usually post this kind of thing, but well, it has to be seen to be believed.

and I would add, "but not the market" oh well. life goes on.

Friday update: caught this in an ad this morning... It comes on T-shirts!


Monday, January 19, 2009

he most definitely knows where we keep his food...


sigh - girly TMI below

I think I'm going to be making a call to the doctor later today. I have NOT been able to get to sleep tonight. last night, either, but I didn't panic because RTO was up too. (course he was working) but the past week or so, I haven't been able to get my brain to shut down and I'm worn out. and I think it's pretty safe to assume it's related to the BC I've been on for only a few months now. particularly after finding this in the archives. (and lord help me, I made a spreadsheet with the dates and yes, it's the exact same day in the cycle) so I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't at the moment.

update: NP says "no way can this be related, that's not a side effect" and I explain it's the only thing that's changed lately and it seems like quite the coincidence that both bouts are twenty-eight days apart. "It's probably anxiety" um, there's nothing that stressful going on in my life at the moment. (thinking about it, I may have missed all this the first couple months cause it coincided with the sewer back up and my grandmother dying, so I didn't panic) so my option is to make an appointment, but I don't think I can do another month like this and it's usually at least that long to get an appointment.


Friday, January 16, 2009

for some reason this made me think of dad...

it's right at the beginning...

grrrr, apparently the embedding code is messed up... so you'll have to follow a link.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

moving church experience....

h/t sdfer at pwpub.


where did everyone go?

we had brought this chair into the living room while people were here for Christmas and Maggie claimed it. She seemed a bit put out that there was nobody new there to pet her anymore.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RTO's birthday

we shall not mention the year...


Monday, January 12, 2009

csc credit services....

run by morons.

very calm morons, but still morons.

I'm slowly, but surely getting them to fix my credit report. The kooky accounts and delinquencies disappeared after the first dispute, but they keep putting a name and address on there I've never had. But then, today when I called they said the address wasn't being reported anymore. "uh, okay, why is it on the report I got in the mail today?" "Probably the creditor fixed it between now and then." riiiiight. Got reports from the other two credit bureaus today also and everything is fine with them. So hopefully the third time is the charm in getting this fixed.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Triscuit monster...

recently, the family size box doesn't seem large enough.


Friday, January 09, 2009

ooooh, shiney!

something caught his eye


Thursday, January 08, 2009


MK: um, so how do i know if this new drive is doing it's RAID thing?

RTO: It only shows half the space available.

MK: #*%^!&@!!!

RTO: why? how much does it say is available?

MK: 1.7TB



RTO: yeah, that's not good.

a few days later...

MK: so at this rate, I figure the drive will be reformatted in a couple weeks...

RTO: It's still formatting from last night?

MK: yeah. It's currently at 7%

RTO: quit it.

MK: #$*%#!!


even later....

MK: so... I guess I magically reformatted the drive...


MK: tried the quick format again and it just worked this time.


MK: so.... how do I know it's doing it's thing? I mean, I had to reformat the drive, and now it's only showing nine hundredish GBs, but how do I know the whole thing is working...

RTO: There comes a time you just have to trust that it's doing its job.

MK: grrrrr


Monday, January 05, 2009

garden surprise...

something white caught my eye along the back fence and I went to check it out and found this. Haven't ever seen these before, but I'm fairly certain it's a Paperwhite. Only the one stalk bloomed and it continued blooming for about a week after I cut it and brought it inside.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009


I've spent the last couple days trying to move files from the old external hard drive to the new one. Most of it was easy and then I got to itunes. *sigh* I understand why they make it difficult, but come on! I followed the instructions from the help website and it didn't work. Tried another method, moving things off my ipod to the hard drive and the files made it there and showed up in itunes as a "shared" library, then when I synced my ipod it erased everything on it because there wasn't anything in the main library in itunes. soooo I tried dragging the itunes folder (that had come off my ipod) into the itunes window and that seemed to do it. finally. It's still about ten songs short, but I think I can live with that.

The other fun part of this is the external hard drive itself. We didn't want to be turning it off and on and moving it around all the time like I did with the old one. We tried hookin it up to the oooooold desktop and managed to kill the desktop. So I broke down and decided to try this Belkin "network" usb hub. (I use quote marks because most of the reviews we read were people debating whether it was really a wireless/networking device or not. eh, it does what it says it will do.) anyhoo, it's a little clunky (I made a call to tech support because I couldn't get my computer to see the drive and it kept crashing Windows Explorer and then of course it worked fine while I was talking to the support rep), but I think it will be okay.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

off to a messy start...

RTO had these sent for Christmas...

I finally remembered to change the water today and got pollen all over my hands. and I found out it kinda stains everything.

apparently, somebody else has been near the flowers.