Thursday, March 31, 2005

um, uh, begonias? Posted by Hello

see? new kittens! Posted by Hello


was just in target this afternoon and they have even more flamingo stuff. towels and bath matts, liquid soap/lotion dispensers, shower curtains. Sheets! oh and a door matt too. in addition to the tableware they had before. yay! too bad you just redecorated. ;P

great offer!!!!

Iowa Soccer Mom, or Kris, or whatever name she's using today. ;D links to a good offer. if these people are near her they're up north. if you're in or near north texas my in-laws would be happy to also honor this offer.

am i forgetting something?

i've had that crazy "i've forgotten something" poke in my brain since last night. checked the calendar first thing this morning. nope. so why do i still think there's something i should be doing?

it's official!

every morning RTO gives the puppy a large milkbone bisquit when he leaves for work. the other day i noticed the puppy was filling in a hole shortly after he'd left. surely she's not burying the things! a little while later i noticed that she'd dropped half of one in front of the door and the next time i looked out she had a whole one. hmmmmmm. so this morning i happened to be in the right place to witness the act. she first hid it in her blanket on the porch then took it and buried it in the garden under the nandina. i wouldn't think they would hold up too well underground, but what do i know? at least she's filling in her holes now.

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funny warning...

got a new shredder a couple months ago and kept meaning to mention that the instructions state, rather forcefully, that it should be used by only ONE PERSON at a time. i'm still trying to figure out how it would know. i mean, i've been on a shredding binge since we got the taxes done (hence the new shredder) i usually stuff papers into it until it overheats and quits.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

peep-y goldmine

this could take me a while to get through, but it's worth it to avoid further ambushes.

what time is it?

RTO: since when do you get up at 7:15?

MK: um, just this morning?

not sure what's going on, didn't get to sleep until three, but couldn't really sleep after the alarm clock went off.

the alarm is on my side of the bed so i'm in charge of hitting the snooze button. i usually wait til RTO tells me to hit it, in case he wants to get up. (i learned after a couple mornings of "why didn't you wake me up? i didn't hear the alarm") usually he just points or makes little "hit the snooze button" motions. this morning he pointed and i put my finger on his nose and made honking noises. hee hee.

RTO's bitter

if i'm up i usually watch the local fox morning show "good day" mainly because it's local, and sure it's fluff, but it's fluff about things i might like. anyhoo, RTO HATES the anchor, i keep telling him it's just because they're a lot alike (old and cranky), but he's not buying it.(thinking about it now, though, RTO is probably just trying to get me riled up.) so he's heading out the door this morning, but had to stop to tell me again what a jerk this guy was. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

letter in the mail today....

i'll be singing in the living opera chorus. yay!

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Monday, March 28, 2005

don't remember what kind of flowers these are. oh well. Posted by Hello

here's a relative of Carlos and Eddie Posted by Hello

my submission to who would buy that? was posted!

yay! um, i didn't come up with the intro phrase, those guys are hilarious.

also, don't look at the item above mine as it could be upsetting(pr0n) it's amazing what people will sell on ebay.

RTO's home from work...

MK: (on couch)so, you took a beatin' today huh?

RTO: (standing behind couch) yeah.

MK: oh, the allergist called, you have an appointment tomorrow, a follow up...

RTO: oh really?

MK: yeah, they sent you a card last week.

RTO: where is it? I never saw it.

MK: sure you did, it's on you table.






sniff, sniff....

we all knew it was coming, but i still started giggling like a schoolgirl.

sarahk and frankj are gettin' hitched. go here to read the details.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

BREAKING!!!!! source of snoopy is found!

easter snoopy Posted by Hello

as you know, Roxie loves snoopy, but well, he was kinda out of seasons, being in a halloween costume and all. soooo i was out shopping friday and came across this easter snoopy. he came with a little box of whitman's chocolate. Roxie didn't get the chocolate, but she does love the new snoopy. will have to keep my eyes peeled for others.

late Easter post...

we've been in wolfe city since last night, just got home a little while ago. went to church with the in-laws this morning. rto was being smart.

Children's Church Lady: you know the traditional Easter greeting is I say "he is risen!" and then you say "he is risen indeed!", He is Risen!!!

Kids: he is risen indeed!

RTO: hmmm, it's a puppy blender Easter

MK: heh

RTO: the scripture this morning is matthew 21 verses 14-16. go there and read the whole thing.

MK: you know you're going to hell for that.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

closer Posted by Hello

my first doily. Posted by Hello

for mom


course none of them look as cool as mine. ;D

peeps ambush!!!!

of course, it being easter we've been over run with marshmallow peeps. i'd snuck up behind RTO a couple times and stuffed one in his mouth. so he's done the same now, only his peeps discuss their mission before traveling to their death in my mouth. ha ha haaaaaa. oh, and all the easter candy is supposed to be gone by easter, right? i gots some work to do....

i could get in a lot of trouble....

love shoppin' online. i'm thinking i'm going to add some links to fun sites i like to browse. let's just say there's lot of interesting things out there.

Friday, March 25, 2005

both kitties are pretty photogenic, but maggie usually stays in one place longer. Posted by Hello

i lu-u-uv alliteration....

seems like whenever the animals misbehave RTO and i spend time thinking of phrases to describe them. so last night we had quite the brainstorm.

my favorite(credit RTO) Canine of Corrective lens Consumption.

peepers purloiner
i gues along those lines i could add the puppy peepers eater.

optics absconder

spectacle swallower

please feel free to leave others in the comments. i know we came up with more, but i can't remember them.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

this is funny, she loves to be under the bed at night, but always starts out only half-way under. it's like a wizard of oz flashback every night. which reminds me of a funny story... Posted by Hello

i think i took this picture yesterday, but it could have been the day before, but the puppy was inside then, too, and DIDN'T EAT MY GLASSES!!!!! Posted by Hello

other items of the day....

so, i figured since i was out, i would go get my allergy shot. well, by the time the meeting got out it was lunch time at the shot gettin' place, so i had some time to kill. i stopped at a mall between the two places. found some easter egg shaped candles. tried on lots of clothes that made me look fat. ;P

finally got to the allergy office, went back to get my shot, and the nurse is like "huh, you've got a balance on your account, go sort it out and then come back for your shot"...ummm, okay. gave them more money, went back to the window for shots, nobody there. *sigh* so i tried swiping my card again (who knows, maybe i had to check in again?) well, no, the computer keeps telling me it's not advisable to leave before my post-shot-wait time is over. okay, but i haven't been shot yet. I think that got the nurse to come back out, she asked me what was up and i said it was telling me not to leave, and she looked at the screen and said, yeah, you got a cat shot so you have to wait thirty minutes. okay, i haven't been shot yet. oh? (this is the same lady, i don't think it's even been five minutes) "well, come on back, just wait a few minutes after the time clock says you can leave before you go" mmmmm,kay. I told RTO i am never going back on thursdays if that's the nurse that's always there. she was a little tooooo stabby for my taste. i flinched for all three shots, she tells me i'll get used to it. i'm thinking, i've had other shots previous weeks that didn't make me jump. ugh. i won't be forgetting HER face.

soooo i finally head home, get in, go get the mail, take pictures of the kitties, notice it's really bright outside, maybe i can get more pics of the back yard. go out, puppy goes in, i take pictures, puppy eats my glasses. rrrrrraaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!! kitties knocked them off the nightstand, so of course anything on the floor is fair game for the puppy, the fresher, the better. it's about four o'clock about this point. I call RTO ask if he remembers the name or phone of the eye doctor he went to last month. (he has noooooo clue) i manage to find them in the phone book, call them, can't get an appointment until next week! i explained that my puppy ate my glasses and they were like, um, okay, i'll put you on a cancellation list. I can't go that long without my glasses!!!! sure i wear contacts, but, but..... so I call the local Target, get the number for the optowhatever there, call and they can get me in at 4:30. yay!!!! got my eyes examined. didn't lie about how long i'd been wearing my 2 week contacts (about five months) get a prescription, ask the target people how long it would take to get glasses, 5 to 10 business days. sorry.

go back home, call RTO, see if he wants me to come pick him up and we can go to mall and i can glasses. spend some time trying to find frames i like, RTO was NO HELP! anyway, finally settle on a pair after a little help from one of the guys in the store. (sorry mom, i couldn't bring myself to get some cat-eyes. well, they didn't really have any i liked.) about this time i think to ask how long it will take to get them. tomorrow. okay, i can do that. will have to model them later. wandered around the mall for a while and finally came home. whew!

first item of the day....

made it to the garland music teachers association meeting. hoo boy! did i learn a lot. made me want to come home and totally retrain myself to play. this girl whose name i can't remember gave a presentation about tone in music. i'm thinking, it's a piano, what gives? but then she started talking about how she builds a foundation through teaching beginners, teaching them theory without getting too technical. (they know the circle of 5ths before they know what it's called) i told RTO he has to let me teach him to play now. he swears his hands just don't work that way. i'm not buyin' it. i'll have to dig up the outline and post on it, so maybe i'll remember it better. i mean, you always hear that technique is important, but it's boring. or at least it was for me. my theory skills are greatly lacking, but the way she worked through it sounded soooo easy.

it's all about scales. starting with penta-scales. she has her students learn the "scale recipe" Start-whole-whole-half-whole. first, look at the key you'll be starting on, and figure out the steps (before putting hands on the keyboard) then play it. that was something she really stressed... thinking, tapping out, THEN playing. so, start on C, then say okay, the 5th note is called the Dominant, let's make that the first note, or tonic, now. think through steps and play. she also explains how to make it minor by changing the "recipe", lowering the third note.

so once they're comfortable with pentascales, she moves up to, uh, not quite whole scales, or more accurately, scales with two hands. she has them make "octopus hands" basically all fingers except thumbs. so left hand plays the 1st four notes and the right finishes up the scale, oh, and there's the 2nd half of the scale recipe, uh ,i can't remember it. (yeah, i know, i have a degree in what?)

sooooo much stuff. i'll have to dig up more of it later.

it's been a loooooong day

or maybe not, but going from doing nothing, not leaving the house for almost a week and then spending all day out and about was pretty tiring. details to follow.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

from the other side, different day, not as nice outside. Posted by Hello

so here's the patio now. flowers, table and chairs and a string of lantern lights. Posted by Hello

man, i KNEW i was missing something....

posted on the classical singer forum:

Learning to sing is very simple. You need to only remember three simple rules.
1. The tighter you close your eyes, the higher the pitch you sing.

2. Holding your hand out in front of you increases your range. In order to sing extremely high notes, raise your hand higher, and for low notes lower it.

3. To sing vibrato, some part of your body must vibrate. Popular choices are eyebrows, eyelids, and hands (See rule 2).

Follow these rules, and you too will be a great singer in no time at all.

Additional tips for the advanced student:

As Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston know well, a true singer will not allow a single note to exist unflourished. (In particular, the important lyric "Ohhhh" should encompass as many notes as is practical) As demonstrated in their popular duet "When You Believe", a duet is about one-upmanship - on no account should you allow your opponent to sing more notes-per-second than you.

Celine Dion has taught us that every song must begin quietly and rise to a ear-shattering crecendo.

Music videos have shown us that the quality of music is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing the women in the video are wearing. If the dancing approaches the level of simulated sex, all the better.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

blogger seems to not like this picture. we'll try it again. Posted by Hello

thanks Harvey!

he posted the code to keep pre-haloscan comments. so, they're back on my older posts.

Monday, March 21, 2005

speaking of birthdays....

RTO made a very tasty cake this weekend. chocolate with uh, some coffee flavored icing. mmmmmm.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Carnival of the Cats!!!!

'sigh' if only you'd been a week earlier.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

cause it's all about RTO

RTO: you writin about me?

MK: no.

RTO: i just worry.


well, this week has been a complete waste. didn't go to work, told them today i was going to quit. i mean, i couldn't get out of bed all week to get there, seems that's a sign of some sort. or maybe not, i don't feel like doing anything. i kept telling myself i wouldn't let turning 30 beat me down, but it did. too old to enter the met competition now. too old for quite a few competitions for that matter. i don't look that old (right?), but they always ask for proof. ;D rrrraaaarrrrrr. i don't want to be an accountant, don't want to be in a corner the rest of my working life. at least not yet. but maybe it's time to grow up.

Friday, March 18, 2005

oh, THAT friday.

yes, yes, we'll catblog today. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

yay! it came back!

soooo, the last thing i tried to post was about battle star gallactica messing with my head. i've had several dreams the last few weeks where i'm one of a group of the last people alive. we figure out how to stay hidden, but then after a while the others get lazy and get everyone killed. thanks.

we aren't being hunted by cylons, just whatever my head comes up with i guess.

where's my %Y*&*^%$^&*@$ blog?

ever since i posted the last picture, i haven't been able to see my blog. RTO can see it on his computer, but mine? nuthin' this probably won't even post, but he's to trying.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

and this weekend Posted by Hello

patio last week. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!!!!

oh, and me. i decided to sleep all day in honor of the occasion.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Carnival of the Cats!!!

sunday's are for napping, but we'll make an exception for the Carnival of the Cats! Posted by Hello

c'mon eddie!

Gretchen Ross at THE GREEN LANTERN presents Open Season On Wisconsin Cats Proposed

Kitties shoot back!!! i knew they were up to something. Hope Miss O'hara knows about what's living in her house.

Jae Walker at View from the Castle has another take. His kitty seems a little too interested in this story.

I have to keep an eye on my cat, she's always trying to take my place.
yeah, who's robe is that? Posted by Hello

you can see the hate in her eyes while she plans my demise.

Northstar at People's republic of seabrook also discusses kitty violence. (and on a side note to mr. northstar, state cat of TX my pinkytoe!)

Blog d'ellison offers a RFOAC giving his cats time off, yeah, that's it. let us know when you cave in to giving them more treats.

lynn at your moosey fate, has kitten pictures. yeah, they're cute till they grow up into big ugly cats. you know, always making demands, snubbing food, and stomping on you in your sleep.

Adam sends a pic of his cat, Higgins, in the dryer. Posted by Hello

we get a little kitty payback from Tommy at Striving for average. yeah, sweety, you don't control everything.

Harley & Tinker, Curiouser & Curiouser, look into our eyes!!!! the kitties need more fooooood, yessssss.... and sssscritchessssss.

Elvis demands attention from Deb at sugarfused. it's probably okay, just this once...

Adrianne sends a kitty poem. I don't know about you, but kitty feet ain't always the daintiest things, particularly when they land on your stomach.

Pixel and Pica, repose? looks more like "Dude! when's the last time you brushed you teeth?"

Sorry Brian, but any cat that came between me and my donuts? IT'S ON!!!!! fortunatly, my kitties are well trained. ;D

MJ at nycbabylon is answering questions again.

is the CIA experimenting on Colin? I'd be running scared too.

El Capitan discusses kibble. wouldn't like the kitties choking, and it makes the cat yak easier to clean up. yay!

Darcey, from Dust My Broom, has pictures of a furball actually doing something useful. particularly if your afraid of snakes. speaking of snakes, check out this post from mountaineer musing.

Are they anxious for Tom to come in? or keeping a lookout while their friend on the counter reads magazines?

and as if you all forgot why the internet was invented. josh sends a reminder.

sb poet sends kitty links. you should check them out. i really liked the smart cat door, no more "surprise gifts"

Another useful cat (paperweight), from Rachel at Fiat Lux.

storyteller has an equally useful cat, except she requires more grooming. the other really would like to help, my kitties do the same, gotta keep that string under control.

Posted by Hello

Ogre sends Iron vs. Cat! i was hoping for some kung-fu. oh well.

i got nothin' here at, emily is toooo cute.

Trish sends pixilated cats and freaky cats.

then there's big cats from romeocat. and bossy cats. and butler cats?

Place your bets folks! it's FRISKY RACES!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! though i'm not sure what he's racing, maybe it's a timed thing.

maybe sissy should invest in a smart cat door. oops, never mind. yep, keep convincing them your working babe. they really are sweet though, aren't they?

Bar gives us a picture of Sasha soaking up the sunshine.

Spectra hunts birds, while the others at Cascade Exposures lounge around.

Bazel Rulz!!!! at mind of mog, but not as much as Edloe apparently. (is that a new header? i like it.)

Don't forget that Ferdinand is tough as well as smart.

Lisa Kay mentions the puppyblender's snub of CoTC and gives of pictures of her two furballs. indeed.

Mira's kitty may be party-ing a little hard. looks like the others joined in also.

Thanks, for letting me host this week's Carnival, if I've missed anyone, please let me know.
now, back to napping. Posted by Hello

d'oh, we got some late-comers from Music and Cats. we coulda posted it a little earlier, but we just woke up.

aaaaaand here's Roxie and Velma at DED Space.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm supposed to pay attention?

RTO: CGI rocks.

MK: indeed it does.

RTO: no, I mean the rocks in this movie are cgi'd, see they aren't falling at the same rate.

MK: oh, sorry, i was busy looking at this catalog.

well, Roxie's a bad mommy. snoopy is filthy from being left in the yard and the mud. sure he cleans up ever so often when it rains. Posted by Hello

"moral support", yeah right

MK: (poking RTO's right arm) oh, um did you get an allergy shot a couple days ago?

RTO: I told you I got one today!

MK: oh, well, is this where they shot you?

RTO: no, it's on my other arm.

MK: oh, so you get two in one arm?

RTO: no, I only get one shot!

MK: what!? I get three! two in one arm, one in the other.

RTO: hee hee!

MK: well, i really got the crappy part of this deal. moral support my @$$!!!!

though i do feel much better, i think, voice teacher asked me if i was having as much trouble as he was. nope! yay!

Friday, March 11, 2005

side note on Target....

i'm finding out that the website doesn't have a lot of the things that are in the stores, and visa versa. there's some weird stuff on the website. expensive things, tons more cd's and books than you'd ever see in the store. see, they have these really cool flamingo things there now, and i wanted to show mom what they looked like, but they aren't on the website. :(

i've always been ahead of my time....

seems like about the time i give up finding something it starts popping up everywhere. a few examples. Cake plate for RTO. he'd wanted something like this at Thanksgiving, but we couldn't find anything. i've been keeping an eye out, even searched in some antique shops, nothing, until last week.

After last years trip to New York (april) i thought it would be nice to have some ballet flats that weren't velvety looking. i hadn't really worn them much before then, but during the trip i found out how versatile they can be. hadn't seen any in stores. a month or so ago i saw some advertised at a department store for sixty bucks! blech. Thank Target again! they had some last week. i'm thinking about buying up extra pairs, just so i'll have them, they were so cheap! (about 13 dollars)

who knows, maybe badly crocheted scarfs will be all the rage next winter. ;D

Thursday, March 10, 2005

not the most flattering photo...

but it serves a dual purpose Posted by Hello

1. i'm modeling the crazy scarf i made, it feels nice and it's warm, but it looks wavy cause the sides are wavy, haven't gotten that even stitching thing down yet.

2. I'm curious to know, was the assistant at the doctor's office being nice? or do the check out people at Wal-Mart just not care about selling alcohol to minors. that's right! Guess my age! course if you know, um, just pretend like you don't.

p.s. just so you know, both examples happened yesterday.