Monday, January 31, 2005

and now for something different. cause today was a downer. Posted by Hello

huh, there is life before seven o'clock

had to get up early for my therapy appointment today. had to be there at 7:30. I was so worried about getting up that i woke up about 4:45 and about every 20 minutes after that. maggie was on my head too and wasn't very helpful. I made in time, but the door was locked. (sigh) she moved offices and this was my first time to the new office. kinda strange, no receptionist, just a little waiting room with music playing and another door with a large peep hole. anywho, hard to get anyone's attention when the door is locked. when i got home tonight there was a message from the therapist wondering where i was. hmmmmmm, i wonder.

heavy lifting

shipped out 19 boxes today. averaged 30 pounds each. ugh. wore a sweater cause it was kinda cold today. had to take a shower when i got home. but it did make the afternoon go fast. yay!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

carnival o' cats

at Watermark this week

okay, that's going on the blog....

RTO: look at that, that lady couldn't walk and they're carrying her in a chair to go vote.


RTO: it's like in the bible where that guy's friends carry him in his bed to see Jesus.

MK:....except there's no Jesus, and she probably didn't walk out of there after voting.




MK: okay, that's going on the blog.

RTO: I'm gonna get you a t-shirt that says, "I'm blogging that"

my first afghan. finished this a couple days ago. Posted by Hello

close up. Posted by Hello

what's the password? Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

I killed the internet

in our house. last night, not sure what I did, but it still wasn't working tonight. sometimes turning everything off fixes it, but it didn't last night. RTO fixed it though he's not sure how. that's okay. it's working.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

maggie, tivo fascist

MK: WHY? am i seeing commercials? where's the remote?
RTO: good grief.
MK: you know, if you can't stay on top of this just give me the remote.
MK: yeah, just call me the tivo nazi
RTO: i prefer fascist, nazi is kinda harsh.
MK: yeah, not very hitler of me is it?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

cause mom couldn't wait..... the dining room table. yay! Posted by Hello

and from a different angle Posted by Hello

rrraaaaarrrrrr, comment spam?

this is not a real post, this is just so blogger will let me edit comments. had this been a real post, you would probably be asleep by now.

blurry b. :p Posted by Hello

R for my dad's mom Posted by Hello

C for RTO's other grandmother. Posted by Hello

ooookay, RTO fixed my computer. yay! so i made towels for all the grandmothers, the pics didn't turn out very well. there's another W posted somewhere, i like the color scheme on this one better. glad it worked out. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

White House theater roundup

watched a few movies last week. a quick recap.

Lagaan - Indian film. I lu-u-uv them, this one was a bit long, but you know it's good when both RTO and I are on the edge of our seats for the last twenty minutes. I also thought it was amusing that there were also english speaking characters and a musical bit mixing both eastern and western music. yay!

Return of the Dragon- huh? all i remember is kitten interspersed in fight scene with Chuck Norris. otherwise, pretty boring. so we decided to watch another one.

Double Jeopardy- another snoozer, ashley judd was just a little tooo low key, pretty anticlimactic. good concept, poor execution, even with tommy lee jones soooo we decided to watch the third movie we had.

Men of Honor-better, not my favorite kind of cheese, but it did grab my attention. but it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth like the other two. yay!

Sunday I caught the Devil and Ms. Jones. entertaining, not tooooo commie, it was a different time, eh?

so now we have to wait for more movies to arrive (netflix, yay!) at least there are some things on the tivo now.

public announcement

we did NOT give anyone christmas lights for christmas. gifts go in boxes to be wrapped and these particular boxes were handy, and plentiful. who doesn't open the box to see what's inside? (RTO's family, apparently)bwah ha ha haaaaaa. that is all.

no pictures right now.

:( I don't know what's going on, but hello is not working. grrrrrr. was going to post pics of some christmas projects and the new dining table. oh well. just make something up.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

You WILL look at the kitties

carnival of cats is up at Music and Cats.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

put THAT in your blog!

fine, i will, so someday when i turn up dead there will be some clues.

have been doing some gardening today, cutting the roses and other plants back. RTO got a wheel barrow for christmas which makes it much easier to get rid of everything. so he was raking the yard behind me, moved the wb for a minute, then, while I had my back to him he moved it right up behind me. of course i stepped back to turn and find it, and almost fell over.

"put THAT in your blog!"

what did i do?

post a lot of cat pics apparently. it can't be a ploy for more traffic. YOU CAN'T HAVE MY TWO REGULAR READERS EVIL SARAHK!!!!! right mom?

Maggie serves coffee

MK: okay, which mug do you want. Hello Kitty NY or Wonder Woman?
RTO: agh, what are you trying to do to me. Destroy my masculinity?
MK: they were the only clean ones.
RTO: uuuuhhh, I'll take wonder woman, at least I can stare at her chest. that's manly.
MK: well, okay. drink up.

Friday, January 21, 2005

sooooo evil

and high-larious.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

she takes after her mom. ;p Posted by Hello


i was in the drugstore last night, waiting for them to fill my presciption, in the greeting cards section there was a small section of cards that were all patriotic themed, flags and eagles and soldiers. thought, huh, must be more people around here with loved-ones over seas. I didn't really see that kind of thing when RTO was gone. oh well.

and where do we live? what month is it?

supposed to be 75F tomorrow. Texas musts be trying really hard to get SarahK back. wondering if it will still be okay to trim all the plants this weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

well, it didn't work

still no sign of the Hello Kitty stainless steel travel mug. :(

if i thought a while i MIGHT be able to think of a harder way to pay the bills at w*rk Posted by Hello

Monday, January 17, 2005


it's kinda cold again, so Carlos is spending lots o' time on the bed(under the covers of course) Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello maggie sticks to the couch.

probably rambling post to follow

sooo, today seemed much better. I got a good nap in yesterday. managed to make an appointment for tomorrow so i can get back on the drugs. ;p i know other people cover this subject much better than me, and i usually hate people that act crazy and then are like, "oh, i'm off my meds" but darn it, i am! so going back to hating things. it took me a while, but i feel like lately i've come to terms with my mutant brain, i give it medication, it lets me function as a normal person. (as normal as can be expected considering my up-bringing...... just kidding mom) but ever so often i still get annoyed with it. i wasn't, still am not enamored with the thought of having to do this the rest of my life, but there are other people in the same situation for other diseases and that's also what bothers me. most people understand that if a diabetic doesn't take their insulin they'll die, the same can't really be said for depression (at least not for me) just like they don't make insulin, my brain doesn't make, whatever it is, we're guessing seratonin. sooooo i forget to take my medication for a while and start hating everything, particularly myself and sleep a lot. not life threatening, not unusual for anyone to feel on occasion. and it's not like there's a whole lot of physical evidence. you can't go get a blood test and be diagnosed, which adds to the frustration (for me at least). i get the feeling most people don't understand, don't really sympathise with something that's "just in my head". maybe that's just me. i struggle a lot with how much to tell people, it's such a personal thing, but it also effects how i interact with people and it's probably better to explain why i reacted funny to something instead of leaving them to wonder. sooooo what brought this up? well, i went in to work saturday, mainly to cut checks, however the others involved weren't quite as focused so i was getting mad that i'd come in for something i could do any other weekday. yeah, i took some time off friday, but not that much time. a couple hours maybe. i already woke up hating everything and they were keeping my away from a nap. grrrrrrr, so i wound up crying and going home. anyhoo, this one lady at work was asking me about it today, wanted to know if i was okay, blah blah blah. tried explaining that i'm really not usually like that, really, except when i forget to take my medication which isn't that often, no really. stupid mutant brain.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

bad day

I hate everything!!!!! i hate my job, I hate that apparently I stink as a singer. i want to become a hermit, though, RTO tells me most of them aren't married. grrrrrrr.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

just how old is RTO?

this weekend RTO's mom told him that he would just have to stay 39 for a while, cause she couldn't have a 40 year old child. is she just getting us prepared for that? or is there something we haven't been told? 1969/1966. it's a common typo on a ten key. ^_^;

RTO: is nothing private!?

apparently not.

is it really Thursday?

I kept meaning to really write about meeting SarahK and FrankJ. They are soooo cute together, and we also met Minerva. so sweet. i'll just say they both ROCK!!! and leave it at that. ;D

Happy Birthday RTO!!!!!

He wrote this today, and I'm nothing if not catty. ;D

State of my Life
now that I'm really old

Well, today is my birthday. I'm 36 today and the state of my life is strong.
if by strong you mean whine about my shoulder all the time.

I've successfully deployed to Afghanistan and returned, my whole unit made in home without loss.
with the exception of Redun's pride.

I have a lovely wife who I adore.

We have a new home, two cars and both of us are gainfully employed.
Thank GOD maggie finally found a j*b, i was starting to wonder.

We both have the time to pursue the activities that give our lives quality; Maggie sings and crochets and cross stitches and I study and research and Soldier.
and blog. oh wait.

I have a lot of small projects that I want to do around the house.
none of which includes scoopy-ing the cat boxes.

That's a big plus in my book. It justifies the purchase of new tools.
mmmmmm, tooooools.

My brother, his wife and son live only a few miles away and are happy and healthy.
and I haven't broken their puppy in years!

My parents are only about an hour drive away. They raise horses and have just finished a big rennovation on their house.
oh, and they raise cats, lots of cats, you need a cat? we can get you one. please.

I have other family scattered all over the country from Seattle, to Boston, to Miami.
don't forget Kansas!

We hear form Maggie's parents regularly and we see her sister often.
Hi mom! Laura took a cat from the farm, they're great! ask me about a kitty!

Two veteran cats and a new puppy that don't quite get along yet, but each add quality to our days.
and mud to our carpets.

It's good to be 36 in America today.
if that's really how old I am.

I'm going to be transferring units and returning to Afghanistan in 2006.

I'll put in a gate on the west side fence this weekend.
okay, it's just an excuse to buy a saw.

I'm going to teach myself Visual Basic this year and maybe some ASP web stuff.
Cause I'm bored..... and nerdy.

I will continue to teach and to learn.
whether or not anyone wants to hear it.

I will continue to adore my wife.
but not if that means taking her shopping.

...and pet my cats and play with my puppy.
though obviously, not at the same time.

I'm certain it will be good to be 37 in America next year too.
if maggie lets me live that long. ;D

aw, I love you too RTO. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

how cold is it supposed to get? Posted by Hello

RTO trivia

guess who started tivo'ing Days of our Lives. he says it's for me, but I didn't ask him to do it, though, it is fun to watch with him. been trying to get back up to speed from five years ago, but not much happened, or did it? mainly some actors have changed, some new characters have popped up. ya gotta love their complete disregard of the passage of time. Kids don't grow up at the same rate. It's no wonder so many of those people are messed up. How would you handle going from a toddler to an older teenager in a matter of weeks, and then they just quit aging, and start getting married every year or two. yay!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

oh yeah....

carnival of the cats is at Leslie's Omnibus this week.

sneaky sarahk

sooo, those of you familiar with FrankJ and SarahK know they're currently moving her to Florida, and that they've had some mishaps along the way which they haven't elaborated on yet. well, I can shed some light on FrankJ's [pinkytoe] stabbing. see, we had dinner with them Saturday, (it was originally going to be breakfast, but me and RTO, we're patient). we were waiting for drinks when SarahK asked FrankJ to go get her camera and purse out of the vehicle.

SK: I feel so bad about the accident. Frank came to help me move and this is his payment? Fortunately I think his [pinkytoe] is only badly bruised.

MK: huh?

SK: yeah, frankj was worried about his pinkytoe and asked me to have a look at it, since there weren’t any mirrors handy.

MK: oh, YOU SAW FRANKJ’S PINKYTOE!!!? (giggling like a school girl)

SK: I didn’t want to, but he was bleeding. I don’t know how that can opener got there.

RTO and FRANKJ return, catching the end of the conversation.

RTO: sooooo, I hear you got stabbed in the pinkytoe. How did that happen?

FJ: yeah, it was really weird, I was exiting the truck and something hit me, we didn’t know it was the can opener at first, the way it was hanging there.

This only served to arouse RTO’s curiosity, so he excused himself and returned to the moving van. He found the can opener in question on the sixth shelf of a bookcase that was painted red, white and blue. Closer inspection would reveal the Lone Star motif painted on the sides. To the right of the bookshelf was a potted plant. Not finding anything immediately suspicious he was about to go back inside, when he noticed a digital camera memory card on the floor. We’d brought our digital camera with us, and the card appeared to be compatible. RTO plugged it in and started going through it and found a video clip of the whole affair. He was unsure about who had shot the footage until a small white furry paw entered the frame, apparently from behind the camera…. Minerva had been the camera kitty. Hereafter this footage shall be known as the Minerva Tape.

It was in watching this that RTO realized his instincts had been correct. The camera’s angle was such that the TX “book depository” was behind the camera cat. FRANKJ with SARAHK at his side is clearly visible. Suddenly, FRANKJ lurches forward, dropping to the ground and spinning to the left, and SARAHK goes to his side, from the right. That was the clue. Unless this “can opener” had defied the laws of physics, it could not have been the instrument of pinkytoe puncture. For that to have been the case, the can opener would have had to have struck FRANKJ from the other side.

RTO: Think about it, FRANKJ drops, down and to the left…. down and to the left…. down and to the left….. down and to the left. the blow had to have come from FRANKJ’s right side. The sixth shelf was to FRANK’s left, as the Minerva film makes abundantly clea. with the knowledge of the arrangement of the u-haul’s contents, Unless this “magic can opener” had dropped down, turned right, hung in mid air for 1.6 seconds, executed a left turn of 62 degrees, ONLY THEN, could this “can opener” have been the destructive implement. NO the real blow had to have been struck from the potted plant.
Turning once again to the Minerva tape, there was only one individual in the vicinity of the potted plant. SARAHK HERSELF!!!!

SK: WHAAAAA???? I would never harm my sweet pookie face!!!!

MK: well, it did give you a reason to see his pinkytoe. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

RTO: I’m out.

FJ: I know! everyone loves my pinkytoe! Bow down before my glorious pinkytoe!

SK: no, no, NO!!!! if I really wanted to see Mr. Wonderful’s pinkytoe, I would just ask. In fact I usually have to ask him NOT to show me his pinkytoe. Goofy goof.

RTO: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!!!!! Who do you think your are Randy Moss? Mickey Rooney? (muttering) down and to the left. Wait a minute, what about FRANKJ’s protection?

MK: huh?

RTO: where was it? 2 things nearly every adult in this country has. A driver’s license and a social security card. Granted social security is not the protection people had always hoped it would be, however, it is customary to carry both of these items in a wallet. Real men carry their wallets in their back pockets. This would have shielded the injury site had he been carrying his wallet. The social security card should have interposed itself between FRANKJ’s pinkytoe and the incoming can opener. Social Security cards train for this. The absence of the wallet is that much more conspicuous because of the cross country trip for which FRANKJ would admittedly be doing some of the driving. WHY was FRANKJ, one of America’s foremost bloggers, allowed to travel with an empty pocket through the city of Dallas? It seems that FRANKJ may have injured himself in order to provide the pretense to show SARAHK his pinkytoe. More diabolically so, because he convinced her it was her idea to inspect his pinkytoe.

MK: (rubbing eyes)zzzz,snrk, huh? I’m sorry, was RTO lecturing again? I just automatically shut down and catch a nap usually.

FJ: Juggy should be thrilled that she got the opportunity to see my pinkytoe!!!!

MK: oh! Dinner’s here! Well, this will just be our (me and my blog’s) little secret.

apologies to Oliver Stone……. Oh who am I kidding, blame RTO.

Monday, January 10, 2005

I WILL find you!!!!

I've found the best way to find something i've lost track of is to blame somebody for it. yes, it usually causes embarrassment later when i find out i've just misplaced it. Like when i asked somebody at work if he took my pen (we ain't talkin a bic) later, i found it in my purse. it disappeared once again, but was never found, i couldn't bring myself to ask again. so here goes.


ah, so it should be in the pantry now, i'll go check again. ;D

Friday, January 07, 2005

this is why i don't usually bother to make the bed. furry tumors. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

tomorrow is Friday?

that is just blowing my little pea brain tonight. back to lessons after a holiday break. glad i practiced. (bwah ha ha haaaa, no, not really)

normally i wouldn't do this

but, I just. can't. wake. up. today, i've been here an hour and twenty minutes and feel like i've been beat to heck. just going to lie down on the floor next to the space heater's cold. that doesn't help.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

rant leftovers

so was yesterday designated "get us out of Iraq" day by the dems? i saw two different congress critters with big d's behind their names saying it's time to bail. we were wrong, it costs too much, wah wah waaaaaaaah. and the repubs are heartless? one was asked how they could claim to support the troops while at the same time saying that we should cut their funding, pull them out of iraq. he said something like "i'd make sure they were covered as they were leaving" from the same person who was also just talking about learning from vietnam. rrraaaaaarrrrrr. and don't get me started on the whole it was wrong and illegal thing. rto could provide the un resolutions that supported use of force, and that also have recognized the us and britain as, um, in charge of the area. you'll have to hound him about coughing up the data. one lady said something to the effect of "Clinton handled that area well" i guess if you call pretending that something doesn't exist is handling it, then sure. *cough* 93 wtc bombing *cough* uss cole attack *cough* stupid tuesday.

MK !!destroyer of pants!

the last few days i'm starting to think i'm just not meant to have khaki pants. i keep getting stuff on them, stuff that won't come out. grrrrrr. i'm reconsidering the all black wardrobe in spite of rto's protests. either that or i need to find a supplier of good looking two dollar pants.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


RTO's changed the chanel now, I think we've jinxed it. the game ain't pretty.

I went to some other state school....

so I'm watching for the rest of my family on TV tonight. Hopefully they'll send pictures, they had some really cute ones from the last time OU won.

she spends lots of time here on the end of the couch. sometimes we have little kitty bookends on the back of the couch. she's currently holding down the other end behing me. Posted by Hello

the Beehive state

RTO: oh come on! didn't you have to learn state capitals and motto's and stuff in grade school? you probably don't even know the capital of Utah.
MK: oh, Jefferson City.
RTO: bwah ha ha haaaaa that's
MK: oops, Salt Lake City.
RTO: no, it's Provo.
MK: (googling).... uh, no, it's Salt Lake City.
RTO: what? you had to look it up?
MK: yeah, like you'd take my word for it.

I've learned not to argue with RTO without documentation.

Monday, January 03, 2005

RTO masterpiece theater

tonight's movie was Ran. Akira Kurosawa adaptation of King Lear. Can't really remember details o' KL, but was thinking that's what it was while watching it, then RTO said something about it that confirmed my suspicions. seemed to make much more sense with subtitles. (sidenote: i really don't see what the big deal is about shakespeare. :p though i guess there's something to be said for being adaptable to fuedal japan) anyway, also finished the davinci code last night. it was really good, and fun to read with RTO who was a bit more familiar with all the grail lore than me. i could see how somebody that hadn't ever heard this stuff before could get worried, confused, whatever. will have to read mr. brown's other books. also had fun with the bonus internet game, though i got accused of cheating. cia buildings don't seem to like being on mapquest. and can i help it if google turned up the answers? i guess RTO just likes to make things difficult, comes from his military training i'm sure. will have to talk more about masons and rosecrucians later. (bring on the kooks)


new squeaky bone lasted what? a week? oy, looks like a blizzard hit the dining room. and the sqeaker is dead, found chewed up near the christmas tree. is there anything Roxie can't tear open?

must make up for week with no cats. this is my laptop wall paper. RTO was a little annoyed that i would just take a picture of carlos on the counter, not run him off. but, he's soooo pretty! Posted by Hello

this mouse? long dead. de-stuffined. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 02, 2005

the holidays are over....

or are they? took the tree down tonight. unless it's pouring out we'll take the lights down tomorrow. anyhoo, drove to Wichita, KS this weekend. the original plan was to drive back today, but RTO felt uneasy about something, so we drove back last night. which is okay with me... I like being at home. read the DaVinci Code on the trip, we've got about a hundred pages left, but it's been fun. Thanks Lola! RTO told me she was sneaky, she gave it to him for christmas, but had called and asked if I had it yet, so he thought it was going to be for me. ha HA! i slept most of the day, got up a little before four. as RTO would put it, I think i had asphalt poisoning. i did most of the driving, cause i like too, even though we were in the PT Cruiser. it's a smoother ride than my Echo, but easy to speed in. i told RTO i didn't like that i couldn't feel it working and i'd look down and we're going ninety. he said that's the sign of a good car, you aren't supposed to "feel it working" (sigh) well, think i'm gonna try to get him to finish up the book now.