Friday, March 31, 2006

I don't have to leave the house tomorrow if i don't want to.....

woo hoo! anyway, must have been too exited about that as i got stopped for speeding on the way home. got a warning for speeding and a citation for not having my current address on my license. best part? i refrained from explaining that i don't usually look like a street walker. it was tempting.... "just for the record officer, i don't usually wear this much make-up. no really, see i just got out of rehearsal" but i think that might have just made things worse, so i kept quiet. it was funny too because i'd mentioned to one guy that i'd noticed he'd passed me on the way there tonight. he was very much speeding. oh well.

did i mention that my job got extended another month? yeah, i'm that cool. i talked to them about changing my schedule though, so i'll be working M-W-Th instead off W-Th-F. cause let me tell you, three days in a row with rehearsals was kinda wearing me out.

In other news, no more dead animals for Laura, though i did wonder if she would try to take "Lassie" with her. she got a job with "rj" hours, yay! so now her weekends are free for band gigs. she mentioned the other day they were named Best Cover Band by the Oklahoma Gazette. (if you visit their site, she's the one with the big flabby arm. ;D)

anyone have a suggestion on how to fix my laptop keyboard? the f key keeps sticking. i thought of doing a post off just f words to demonstrate, but i don't have that kind off time...believe it or not. I'm pretty sure it's the keyboard and not me. yeah, that's it.

Of course Carlos had to inspect the flowers a couple weeks ago. here he's taking a break/making sure the puppy isn't going to try anything. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

mmmmmmm, night off......

and stupid people can't drive when it's damp out. i was fifteen minutes late this morning. didn't leave late, just sat in traffic for twice as long as usual. anyhoo, got about twenty minutes on the bike tonight and took a bath (yeah, i did some cleaning earlier in the week) i started reading Oliver Twist today, interesting. i was curious about how much was changed/cut for the musical version. (lots) although most of the dialogue is straight out of the book, and i'm finding it much more entertaining than i expected. i can only remember reading Tale of Two Cities ages ago, couldn't really tell you what it was about now, i just remember struggling to stay awake. hmmmmm, lots of things i read i can't remember, i mainly remember how i felt about them or something equally simple. One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch? a beating. so short (page count wise), but it took me to read. Read Catcher in the Rye in one day. Poisonwood Bible in a weekend. War and Peace? uh, lots of historian bashing and too many people to keep track of. anyway, it's been a while since i've read a book on my own. rto and i read The Kite Runner and the Davinci Code together (maybe mom should recommend more books) i guess that's one good thing about work, i'm reading a lot at lunch time since i don't feel comfortable staying at my desk and surfing.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ugh, it smells like smoke here.....

not sure what's burning. last time it smelled like this it was the neighbors. they have one of those bowl things to burn stuff in, just wish it smelled better.

Monday, March 27, 2006

i'm a wuss....

not that that's any big revelation or anything, just further confirmed it today. something about being poked and prodded makes me faint-y. they had to take a couple breaks so i wouldn't get sick on them. *sigh* anyhoo, i now have a fun video of the inside of my head. lots o' crap in there. my favorite part? the doctor's telling me about how this one thing in my nose is very sensitive as he's prodding it with the camera, "oh REALLY???? it's just my eyes are watering and i may punch you out once i come to." once i got properly distracted it wasn't too bad, he had me sing a few notes and said there's something weird going on with the vocal folds. great. so now he's pushing for fixing my nose. couldn't get the camera up the left side because the septum was in the way, which i knew already. so now i'm supposed to go for a ct scan to figure out what's up with that. prescribed more steroids and i explained to him again, i have to sing.... a lot. "well, it's up to you then" meaning, i can wait till after Oliver! we'll see.

from my birthday bouquet. Posted by Picasa

i'm beginning to think i will never be caught up

thought today would be light, nope. tomorrow and tuesday ain't lookin' too good either. and then the rest of the week i work. hopefully the camera up my nose thing tomorrow won't mess with me too much.

got a box ready to ship to rto tonight. had it all taped up and then found something i'd meant to put in it. gah! fortunately it was small so i just made a slit in the tape and stuffed it in. retaped it, then realized i forgot to put the sudafed in there. talked to rto tonight, he sounded much better, very chipper actually, kinda disturbing. oh well.

gail had a post yesterday where everyone mentioned things they hate. others i've thought of since then. children (i really don't care about whatever it is you want to ramble about, i'm reading! i have a hard enough time just communicating with adults, kids make even less sense.) oh now, i've forgotten the others, oh, also when i botch pilling the cat and she drools everywhere. sorry.

i trimmed the bushes today too, i actually got some things accomplished, just not the things i thought i would get done.

Friday, March 24, 2006

back to that sudafed thing.....

rto asked me to send him some because he can't get it in the px. soooooo, i was in walmart yesterday and remembered his request. i was sure they would flag me since i asked how much i was allowed to purchase and then of course i felt compelled to explain it's for my husband who's deployed and mail takes a long time so i'd like to send as much as possible...... also, i had bought some last week for myself at another pharmacy. so then i'm on the phone with rto last night and he asked what was in the news, since he hasn't seen anything for a while. top of the front page was this story

Anti-meth law called 'better on paper'

State acknowledges not checking stores' records on purchases

07:09 AM CST on Thursday, March 23, 2006

By DAVE MICHAELS / The Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN – Eight months after legislators moved to crack down on methamphetamine, state regulators haven't inspected a single pharmacy or convenience store to check whether retailers are recording who buys drugs that contain meth ingredients.

well, i feel better about that.

i love this, phantom paw. Posted by Picasa

embarrassing maggie moment......

MK: what?

AT(director): what? what are you?



MK: *panic*

AT: why are you here?

MK: cause my calendar said to be here.

AT: you got the schedule i emailed?

MK: yeah, that's why i'm here.

AT: no, i mean, you're welcome to stay, but you don't have to be here tonight.

MK: well, then why does my calendar say to be here?

AT: Today is Thursday the 23rd, see?

MK: huh, so it is.......well, guess i'll be heading back home now.

yeah, i even had it written down right, i just can't read i guess.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

and this is the flower arrangement the in-laws sent last week Posted by Picasa

there are some other pics i got off this, but i don't want to overdo it here. yet.

seems like i haven't posted any pics in a while.....

sooooooo Posted by Picasa

this is me and LB from the production that shall not be named.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

and so it begins.....

i'm hitting the "really sleep deprived stupid comments that really entertain me and probably noone else, but for some reason i really felt compelled to leave it" stage. pray for me.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


i'm sick, but made it through the final performance this afternoon. for a moment it looked like one lady wasn't going to make it, and i was planning on covering her part, but she made it after all. oh well. the weather here is yucky, raining since friday night never really stopping. blech. anyhoo, another interesting thing, i heard from a couple different people that someone is saying nice things about me. wondering if i should drop them an email. what would you do?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

meow, meow

"open that can!" the cat goes "open that can!"

all day, i've been singing this. thanks mom.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


wanted to thank evilsarak/sirkisser/cadet happy/kevin for now hosting my song file.

and thanks scribalistas for making me feel loved. ;D maybe we can party saturday night, but i'd hate to step on scribal terror's own birthday.

thanks for the cat song cd mom, i love it. rto called tonight and i sang bits of "open that can" to him.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i keep forgetting

what fun people and things i share a birthday with.

Taylor Hanson (have i mentioned we had the same piano teacher?)
Billy Crystal
Michael Caine
Quincy Jones
Hank Ketcham(apparently he gave Dennis the Menace the same birthday)
Albert Einstein


A Word a Day

1950 - The The Federal Bureau of Investigation institutes the "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list in an effort to publicize particularly dangerous fugitives. (w007!)

update: and pi day! PI DAY!??? how lame. although that is one off my favorite movies.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Plus ca change.....

i came across this bit today while finishing up reading Marriage of Figaro.
This brought to mind current events:

Figaro: Weary off making sick animals worse and determined to do something different, I throw myself headlong into the theatre. Alas, I might as well have put a stone round my neck! I fudge up a play about the manners of the Seraglio : a Spanish author, I imagined, could attack Mahomet without scruple, but, immediately, some envoy from goodness-knows-where complains that some off my lines offend the Sublime Porte, Persia, some part or other off the East Indies, the whole of Egypt, and the kindoms of Cyrenaica, Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers and Morocco. Behold my play scuppered to please a set of Mohammedan princes - not one off whom I believe can read - who habitually beat a tattoo on our shoulders to the tune off 'down with the Christian dogs!'

this long monologue(there's a lot before and after this) of figaro's is not included in the opera. cause really, at that point(near the end) who wants to sing or hear what would probably be a twenty minute aria about Figaro's life up to that point. yippee!

side note. Beaumarchais didn't write Abduction from the Seraglio, from what little background info i've read i get the impression that he wrote both Barber and Figaro with the intention that they be made operas, so maybe he threw Abduction in there to get someone's attention.? i don't feel like digging right now, but it struck me as amusing.


i've been informed that the file host i'm using for the music clip is not going to be free much longer. does anyone have a preference? suggestions?

what the?

i am soooo not assertive. so, i had a follow up today, which usually just entails chatting with the doctor and getting my meds refilled, but noooo today he's all like, "i don't think you realize how bad your allergies are" i guess cause i'm not concerned about being symptomless? the kitties and puppy probably help more than hurt (if we compare physical to mental health benefits)things are much better, i can function more days than not. anyway, so i explain how i don't use the nose spray he prescribed becuase then my nose bleeds multiple times a day, and he says, that's funny cause it's supposed to be the one least likely to do that. okay, so tell my nose that, i'm sure it cares. so he prescribed something different. and antibiotics and i got a cortisone shot (which i'm not reeeeeeal happy about, but he assured me my voice would be fine after a couple days) and i'm supposed to go back in a couple weeks for a rhinoscope. fun, fun. seems to think maybe i have a polyp in my nose, the coritzone may or may not take care of it. just a little more than i was expecting today.

so i guess it was handy i was planning on stopping by the drug store anyway for makeup, i realized last night that i'd used up what stuff i had for stage during Cinderella.

oh, and i forgot to put the puppy outside when i left. everyone seems to be okay. she bolted out the door this afternoon when UPS delivered a package. fortunately the ups lady caught her. i swear i'm not beating her.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

yeah, i said it!

"it's not a solo, it's just that i'm the only one here that knows that part."

fortunately everyone got quite the chuckle out of that. seems like i was picking up the snarkin' slack at rehearsal today since LB was gone. so to get it out there, here's some of maggie's staging peeves:

*people don't always have to be center stage while singing solo lines.

*people don't always have to be looking at someone while they're singing. cause you know, sometimes in theater, characters say things just to be saying them(mainly for the audience, we like some extra insight sometimes) and not necessarily to anyone in particular.

*uh, seems like there was more, but i've forgotten it.

*oh yeah, there's a difference between emoting and pantomiming.

*not everyone will be able to see you all the time, it's okay.

*it would be nice to run through things without stopping, no matter how bad they go, cause sometimes it happens in performance and then you'll be ready for it. sorta. the flow of a show becomes important as an opening gets close. (i know, this is soooooo a personal preference, so sue me)

*watch, don't listen.

*oh, and learn your music. please.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

retail therapy...

i told myself i was going to be good this deployment. so far... uh, it's not going so great. well, it's early on yet, and, uh, my birthday's coming up soon. yeah, that's it.

(part of the problem was i had to make extra stops 'cause i couldn't find a Figaro recording on cd for less than fifty bucks. i know they make them, but apparently Barnes and Noble doesn't want to stock them. losers!)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

note to self.....

two shows (and another you really should be working on) and working three days a week?

not such a bright idea.

the blogging will continue to be light. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

maggie smash!!!

heh, i was just about to leave some totally emotional, profanity laced (cause that's so me)comment at protein wisdom last night, and then my internet connection died. thanks for saving me the embarassment. ;D

(in case you're wondering, let's just say i don't react well to being told we've pulled out of afghanistan. oh really? REALLY???? where the #%(%* is my husband?!, yeah, okay, not there yet, but still.)

Sunday, March 05, 2006


stopped at half price books on the way home. found seven green hardback schirmer opera scores for 13 bucks a piece, they're old, but in good condition. just cheap, cheap, cheap!(checked ebay, one similar to what i picked up, buy it now price $34) had to share that. you know, shopping victory!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

maybe y'all could coordinate things a little better......

i don't exactly need to spend my nights off on the phone. ;D

everyone called me last night. my mom, my sister, rto's mom, rto, rto's brother's in-laws. (they came and took the car, yay!)

late cat blogging.....

this is from a few weeks ago. neighborhood kitty. haven't seen him since. Posted by Picasa

i'm hoping there hasn't been a neighborhood purge after the incident with the kid next door. though, i did spot a black and white kitty last week, so there's hope.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

so guess what i did today

yeah, i have to w*rk tomorrow.

in other news, we got the car sold. yay!